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60-Meters Smart Color Laser Distance Meter
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:LDM60C
award 3

Precaster is currently the only company in Taiwan that produces and sells laser rangefinders. The goal is to challenge and surpass world leading brands such as Bosch. This product is driven by the needs of customers- lightweight, easy to interpret, anti-interference and more practical functions. The color screen is the current advanced specification and can display more information. Comparing with the world's leading products (Bosch GLM 50C) has the advantage of thinner (21.03 vs 23.76) and larger screen (21.7% vs 20%) with IP54 waterproof and dustproof level and anti-interference in accordance with ISO16331-1 and ISO17025 specifications and high concealment (especially outdoor). It has the functions of node measurement record, angle measurement, offset zero reset and cumulative addition and subtraction. Uniquely equipped with the Bluetooth and use IM2 (measure memory make easy) APP being developed by Precaster. Customers can have a lot possibilities by connecting other devices.

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Precaster Enterprises Co., LTD. was funded in 1977, Taiwan. In the early age, we started as a surveying solution provider and in this period, we had experience and research energy in survey and this became the foundation in our research. In 1998, we established our talneted team and our mission is to provide measuring devices in a smooth user-friendly and fantastic operation experience by installing our creativities and the know-hows. The first handheld Laser Distance Meter was released in 2008 and we are keeping moving until now, we are at the 5th generation which keep us being a leading in performance and stable quality among the worldwide competitors. Quality is key piece in our spirit, all our products are passed serious inspections before going out. We also build up modular product and keep flexible in customized. And more instruments on the way, like laser level and rotary lasers. We do believe this is the way to keep ourselves as a new benchmark of measuring.

Precaster has accumulated more than 41 years of experience and a number of innovative research and development patents. In 1977 Precaster founded the brand Precaster and the brand conveyed Pre-Cast as a pioneer in the measurement industry. The first generation brand logo shows that Precaster is the measurement of the industry. The surveyor looks for the subject matter through the triangle, two circles represent the eyes, and the diagonal lines represent the eyes. In the past Precaster has had great success and has been appreciated by most customers. The second-generation logo shows Precaster’s ambition and value to customers. The triangle is removed, replaced with the first letter of Precaster and covered with the circle representing the earth which remind all Precaster employees that we are no longer just service local areas but the whole world. Precaster has been successfully exported to the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Japan and other world markets.

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