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Portable Vital-Sign Measurement and Management System
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:HBOT
Netown Corporation
award 3

HBOT is integrated with first in Taiwan's Muscle Loss Auto-Evaluation, arm & leg muscle enhancement, and telemedicine video call functions. With simple UI, elegant outlook design, and built-in battery, it is suitable for personal or family health management.

HBOT is equipped with blood pressure and blood oxygen measurement and is expandable for other devices, like bodyfat meter, thermometer.

Evaluation data is analyzed by AI system, and auto alerting to the user and family members for abnormal data.

Besides health evaluation, HBOT includes muscle enhancement function, that can train arm and leg muscle strength. The training data will be recorded for personal health enhancement plan.

HBOT and its vital-sign measurement devices are all TFDA approved. It also can be a smart home hub to control switch or plug.

In Taiwan, Netown cooperates with exercise equipment supplier to develop muscle enhance description to promote in community and gym.

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About Netown Corporation

Netown Corp. specializes in the platform development of healthcare system, which is named "Babybot". “Babybot” connects advanced professional biomedical detection devices to collect personal health records and give notifications for incident reports. Through analyzing parameter and combined with wearable devices, Babybot can offer proper suggestions and provide reminders toward healthcare. By classifying the physiological parameter analysis, it gives advice on customized personal health improvement and prevention measures.
Netown has also developed exclusive products of telecare information platforms for smart cities, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, elder care and rehabilitation centers.


The founder of Netown Corp., Yen-Shan Lin, took tele-healthcare as core business due to lack of care for parents in hometown. Netown focuses on Babybot brand, provides disease prevention and healthcare solution, and becomes the leader in healthcare industry. Babybot platform collects various vital sign data. Through big data analysis, platform generates one’s weakness along with improvement suggestion. Verified by NTUH, hospitalized days and expense of health insurance significant decrease after using Netown platform. Netown is awarded by Intel as international outstanding corporation in 2015. Babybot owns more than 15 patents and earned over 20 awards from government. Babybot also helps 4 cities win Smart City prize. The Taiwan Excellence candidate integrates 4 medical devices into single product, which is powerful for export. Babybot is chosen to join Taiwan Expo in Southeast Aisa by TAITRA in 2017. Babybot is awarded by 2019, 2020 Taiwan Excellence.

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