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2018 Silver Oxide Skin Friendly Mask Series
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Product model number:"AWJ60001~9/AWJ40001~6,8-10/AWM10029~35/ AWM40001~4"
Annie's Way International Co., Ltd.
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The INNOVALUE of 2018 Silver Oxide Skin-Friendly Mask Series is to solve customers’ skin sensitivity problems, providing supreme, mild, ultimate gentle and delicate care to the skin!


As the air quality gets worse day by day, the sensitivity of skin increases, so the upgradation focus this year is to use Silver Oxide from Japan to replace original MIT preservative. Through adding Silver Oxide into our products, the characteristic of silver itself generates the benefit of natural antibacterial & natural preservative effects greatly improve products' skin-friendly capability and bring ultimate skin care and delicate using sensation to customers.

Together with Jelly Mask’s revolutionary acne-removing approach requires no ply-removal adhesives and provides a total solution, gentle and irritation-free to the skin, to the 3 major skin problems – blackheads, acne, coarse pores. 9 varieties of Jelly Masks cater to demands of different skin types with specific repair & maintenance functions, giving a cool and refreshing sensation.

Fantasy Land and Bubble Tea Invisible Silk Mask uses Tancel mask sheet from Austria as carrier, together with its ultra-light, gentle, and thin characteristics not only provides smooth and mild sensation to skin, but also effectively releases the essence into deeper layers of the skin, providing the completed care and long lasting nourishing to skin.

Bubble Tea Mask also add extract of black tea from Ali mountain and green tea from Sun Moon Lake into the essence, making the masks featured with Taiwan’s tea culture, so customers can experience Taiwan Tea culture by applying it.


Annie’s Way’s brand vision aims to enable every customer shines in eternal splendor bloom after using our products. Therefore, we keep devoting effort on improvement of product quality and refinement with affordable pricing. The straightest way to deliver Annie’s Way’s good quality product is through word-of-mouth marketing, such as collaborating with YouTuber or bloggers. By their demonstration, customers can clearly understand the usage, quality and charm of Annie's Way products. Also, we collaborate with different alliance to bring products directly to the hand of customers, so they can experience our products and feel the effect immediately. Above is our innovative marketing mode and our ‘INNOVALUE’ .


About Annie's Way International Co., Ltd.

With an in-house cosmetic/skin care factory which has over 30 years’ ODM experience for international brands, Annie Wu, upon her return to Taiwan from her overseas study in US, created the brand “ANNIE’S WAY” with the intention of bringing high-quality and diversified skincare products not only to Taiwan but also all over the world.
The founder, Annie Wu, reveres nature and pursues quality, reflecting to the selection of ingredients and formulas. Quality is prioritized over cost, ANNIE'S WAY insists on selecting premium, natural, and effective ingredients imported from Europe, Japan, and US, adding skin care concept to complement stable formulas for the design of skincare products, bringing gentle touch to skin.
All products are produced entirely in Taiwan in house, S.G.S. tests approved, double stringent certifications: Quality Management ISO 9001 and International GMP ISO 22716 certified, serving as part of the effort to strive for quality-first, stable, and safe skin care products.


The ‘Butterfly’ brand logo serves as symbol of hope that shows how an unassuming caterpillar can transform into a dazzling butterfly, so will every user of ANNIE’S WAY shine in eternal splendor bloom.

ANNIE’S WAY, is Taiwan No.1 Jelly Mask Brand, offers the world’s largest variety of jelly masks, monthly sales over 100,000 bottles.
Through Jelly Masks’ revolutionary acne-removing approach, it requires no ply-removal adhesives and provides a gentle and irritation-free total solution to the 3 major skin problems – blackheads, acne, and coarse pores. 9 varieties of Jelly Masks cater to demands of different skin types with specific repair & maintenance functions, giving a cool and refreshing sensation.

Taiwan Kaohsiung Head Office
Rm. 2, 10F., No.58, Jiuru 1st Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

International sales info

Over 15 countries distributed worldwide: Hong Kong, Macau, Singpare, Malaysia, Philippines, Viet Nam, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, France, Australia, China…etc.
1) Hong Kong Physical Store: LOGON 13、OOH;On-Line Store: DESCATO (https://www.descato.com/)
2) Macau Physical Store: CALA image and beauty
3) Singapore Physical Store: Watsons;On-Line Store: Shopee Taiwan Selection
4) Malaysia Physical Store: Watsons;On-Line Store: Shopee Taiwan Selection
5) Philippine On-Line Store: Shopee (https://shopee.ph/prettycoats)
6) Viet Nam On-Line Store: https://www.anniesway.vn/
7) Korea On-Line Store: Qoo10 (https://www.qoo10.com/gmkt.inc/Goods/Goods.aspx?goodscode=558665403)
8) Thailand On-Line Store: PC Home Thai (https://www.pchome.co.th/pro/search/show?s=aNNIE%27S%20WAY)
9) USA On-Line Store: eBay (https://www.ebay.com/usr/annieswayofficialtaiwan), Amazon (https://goo.gl/Hssbuf)
10) France On-Line Store: Little Mask (https://www.littlemask.com/annies-way/)
11) Australia On-Line Store: eBay (https://goo.gl/XxwMNG)
12) Global On-Line Store: YESSTYLE (https://www.yesstyle.com/en/women.html)