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Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:U5旗艦Vogue+版
LUXGEN Motor Co., Ltd.
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U5 provides features such as 12”HD touch screen, AR view system,which are beyond customer’s expectation. Besides, U5 has conducted crash-test of IDIADA at Spain to ensure its safety. Also, U5 has experienced extreme weather tests to ensure its durability.
For engine design, U5 uses 1.6L N/A engine developed in cooperation with a number of international companies. The advantages of economic fuel consumption combined with dual VVT, and CVT transmission system have achieved both energy saving and perfect performance.
THINK4.0 system is introduced into U5. It supports touch screen and connection of multiple brands of phones through simplified interfaces combined with settings of movies and videos, telephone service, driving safety and personalized system.
In order to match the powerful product capability of U5, we used communication channels to make a best interpretation for its prospective high-tech/safety features/exterior design and created a large number of showroom traffic.

About LUXGEN Motor Co., Ltd.

LUXGEN was established in 2008 by Taiwan’s Yulon Group. The first vehicle appeared in 2009 – LUXGEN7 MPV.
LUXGEN has abundant resources and opportunities to offer high quality and very unique products. LUXGEN is not co-oping with other brands, but has its own Design and R&D Centers in Taiwan.


To design and manufacture vehicles that not only excel in performance, features, value, quality, safety and brand image, but also provide a completely satisfying driving dynamic, comfort and to enrich the ownership experience. The core of the LUXGEN is forged in elements of LUXURY and GENIUS. The combination of luxury & genius is complemented by the devotion to think ahead and to exceed expectation in order to excel. LUXGEN cherish every opportunity to make anyone feel indulged and reverend. LUXURY conducts to pleasure, comfort and sumptuous surroundings. LUXURY also stands for richness in details, indulgence and ability to satisfy and provide enjoyment. GENIUS speaks for uniqueness, forward thinking, facing challenge and ability to differentiate. Genius also is the tangibility of creative imagination, material, design and function. Genius also applies to human-centric application of technologies that engender both amazement and admiration.