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Black Box
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:01680211
Reduce Carbon Energy Develop Co., Ltd.
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RCE Black Box is one and only battery monitoring device with bluetooth connectivity in the market. Using Bluetooth to send all the data to your mobile devices with one second refresh rate once your mobile devices has internet connection it will upload all the data history to the cloud. Black Box not only detects voltage, current and temperature, moreover it has some additional feature: anti-theft mode, static-current detection and cut-off mode. It can go with lead-acid battery or lithium iron battery.
It is easy to be installed on the negative pole. There are many battery monitoring devices in the market however none of them has the ability to cut off the battery.
When you switch the Black Box to anti-theft mode, all the on-board electronic works once start up the engine, will turn the Black Box to cut-off mode. When switch to cut-off mode it ensure the battery stays at the minimum electricity consumption. It can prevent the dead battery when park the vehicle for long period.

About Reduce Carbon Energy Develop Co., Ltd.

The thought could be easily seen by the company name "RCE" which is the abbreviation stands for Reduce Carbon Energy – or Rescue Critical Earth. RCE specializes on 12 and 24V Lithium ion starter battery base on American A123 cell to replace current lead-acid battery. Now we have substitution for every type of 12V lead acid batteries (from 100-6000c.c. vehicles used) in the market. From 2016 to 2018 RCE is the exclusive battery supplier for Pagani.


RCE was founded in 2009,the understanding of lead-acid batteries for serious environmental pollution, so the company focuses on high-current lithium iron battery development and application. Also RCE is the first company to provide three-year warranty for lithium-iron battery in the world. Good quality of product and good service are the most important things for RCE, and using facebook fan page as a platform to interact with customers. Sales and service are completely open. Accumulating practical experience in motorcycle starter battery from 2012, and actively developing the world’s first cloud battery management system -iBatt, would make cars lithium iron battery to the next level. 2014 Frankfurt Show is the first time for RCE to have press conference of lithium-iron battery. To start the next step, RCE will continue to develop more high current products and market to the world with Taiwan brand.