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Taiwan Excellence Showcases Innovative Taiwanese Products, Garnering Enthusiastic Response from Diverse Audiences
Date published 2024-05-20

Taiwan Excellence, representing the forefront of innovation from Taiwan, showcased its Pavilion and a rich array of activities at the TAIWAN EXPO 2024 in Indonesia. The event was held from May 16th to 18th at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) in Central Jakarta. In addition to presenting innovative and high-quality products from 29 award-winning Taiwanese companies, the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion hosted the "DISCOVER TAIWAN EXCELLENCE WITH AFGAN" event on May 16th. This event featured popular singer AFGAN and attracted numerous fans who joined AFGAN in experiencing Taiwan's premium products. The atmosphere was vibrant and lively, making it a highlight of the first day of TAIWAN EXPO.

This year, Taiwan Excellence presented products from various industries including lifestyle, sports & health, gaming, smart city, and automotive parts. Brands such as VICTOR, MSI, Innergie from DELTA, AVer, and AROMASE were among the many showcased. Many products at the venue sparked significant interest among visitors, who eagerly engaged in hands-on experiences. This included the gathering of Taiwan's leading gaming product brands like MSI, Predator from ACER, and AORUS from GIGABYTE. Consumers enthusiastically explored dazzling gaming audiovisual effects and were pleasantly surprised by the immersive 3D gaming experience offered by the Predator Helios 3D 15 SpatialLabs™ Edition Gaming Laptop.

The event also featured Taiwan's top badminton brand, VICTOR's flagship speed series racket, designated for use by Indonesian badminton legend Hendra Setiawan. Through engaging badminton interactive games, the VICTOR rackets' superior feel was demonstrated, leaving visitors impressed. One attendee remarked, "Taiwanese products are known for their numerous innovative concepts, and many of these products can make life more comfortable and convenient." expressing their excitement about the showcased products.

The "DISCOVER TAIWAN EXCELLENCE WITH AFGAN" event on the first day of the exhibition (May 16) was a lively affair. Taiwan Excellence, aiming to strengthen its connection with the Indonesian market and reach a broader audience, specially invited popular Indonesian singer AFGAN to join in the festivities. Together, they explored the unique features and advantages of Taiwan's innovative products.

Given the artist's need for strict physical management, AFGAN personally tried out DYACO and Gee Hoo treadmills and fitness equipment on-site. He also experienced CHIMEI MOTOR ELECTRONICS' AI-integrated driver behavior monitoring camera, praising Taiwan's technological innovation. The event featured AFGAN's heartfelt performances and a series of interactive games with fans and guests, all of whom exclaimed the value of visiting the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at TAIWAN EXPO.

One fan, expressing their enthusiasm, mentioned, "I came because I love AFGAN. Following his footsteps, I experienced many Taiwanese products and discovered Taiwan's amazing technological advancements and innovative products that make life more efficient."

The activities brought by Taiwan Excellence this time are quite diverse. On May 17th, Taiwan Excellence will focus on the current hot trends in AI and edge computing, showcasing practical application cases in smart buildings, smart retail, smart transportation, and AIoT Smart Living. This event will bring together TPIsoftware, IBASE Technology, CHIMEI Motor Electronics, and VISION Automobile Electronics for a rich and professional Smart City Industry Presentation. The aim is to provide AI technology solutions that align with market trends, hoping to contribute to the mutual benefits of Taiwan and Indonesia's urban development and promote bilateral cooperation and exchanges in smart city initiatives.

Taiwan Excellence continues its global promotion of high-quality Taiwanese products. Apart from the upcoming Taiwan Excellence Happy Run at Jakarta GBK Stadium in September, Taiwan Excellence will also focus more on the "green sustainability" theme. This year, Taiwan Excellence will host the inaugural "Go Green with Taiwan" event and the "Taiwan Excellence Sustainable Month," connecting globally to showcase Taiwan's commitment to becoming a key partner in the global environmental sustainability ecosystem. Stay tuned to the Taiwan Excellence official website for the latest event updates. https://taiwanexcellence.id/en

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