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Taiwan Excellence Initiative Boosts Taiwan-Indonesia Interaction with Smart City Innovations
Date published 2024-05-20

 At the Taiwan Expo 2024 in Indonesia held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Taiwan Excellence, a prestigious award for the best Taiwan products which are characterized by innovation, sustainability, and intelligence, given by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, showcased 29 top Taiwanese enterprise products. Additionally, to facilitate industry exchanges between Taiwan and Indonesia, Taiwan Excellence organized a special industry presentation on May 17 with the theme "Integrating innovative solutions for urban development." Leveraging Taiwan's strong ICT industry foundation, the event brought smart and innovative solutions to promote urban development.

Ø   Why Partner with Taiwan for Smart City Solutions?

Indonesia, as a significant member of ASEAN and Taiwan's 14th largest trading partner, maintains a close economic relationship with Taiwan. Taiwan's ICT industry boasts a solid foundation, offering comprehensive solutions from electronic components to digitization, smartification, and automation. With a complete industry ecosystem and extensive R&D and manufacturing experience, Taiwan is highly competitive internationally and has successful experiences extending to smart city applications. Currently, Indonesia is heavily investing in THE NEW NATIONAL CAPITAL CITY (IKN) PROJECT, aiming to create a smarter, greener, and cleaner new city. This presents an opportunity for closer technical exchanges between Taiwan and Indonesia, fostering mutual development in smart city initiatives.

Ø   Innovative Smart City Solutions from Taiwan Excellence

The April 2024 Smart City Index recently announced global rankings, revealing Taipei City's remarkable climb to 16th place, a significant leap of 13 positions. Taiwan's advancements in information and communication technology (ICT) and AI development played a crucial role in this progress.

Drawing from a solid ICT industry foundation, Taiwan has become a key player in the global AI landscape. Taiwanese companies dominate over 90% of the global AI server market, showcasing expertise in high-end server design, development, and production. Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, has publicly acknowledged Taiwan's position as a hub for artificial intelligence (AI) and the new industrial revolution.

Leveraging AI technology, Taiwan has focused efforts on sectors like industrial automation, retail, education, healthcare, transportation, and more. Through software and hardware innovation, as well as practical industry applications, Taiwan has built a robust Smart City Ecosystem.

Each year, Taiwan Excellence selects top-tier products based on criteria such as sustainability, design, R&D, quality, and marketing, serving as a benchmark for Taiwanese products. Many enterprises in AI and Smart City domains are committed to advancing the latest technologies and innovative solutions. At the event held on May 17th, TPIsoftware, IBASE Technology, CHIMEI Motor Electronics, and VISION Automobile Electronics showcased outstanding solutions in energy-efficient buildings, smart retail, intelligent transportation, and AIoT-enabled smart homes, contributing significantly to urban development.

Ø   The essence of the presentation

TPIsoftware:AI Building Energy Conservation Solutions

TPIsoftware is committed to providing software solutions to assist enterprises in digital transformation. digiRunner is tailored for enterprise system integration, providing a secure environment for API management, analysis, deployment, and more. It enables seamless integration across multiple ESG services, including our proprietary GreenSwift Carbon Management Platform and ElectriSwift AI Building Energy Conservation System. Additionally, it integrates with external data platforms and resources, enhancing enterprise sustainability management and paving the way for success in a sustainable future.

IBASE Technology:Edge AI Computing Solutions for Smart City

IBASE Technology specializes in the professional field of industrial computers, with a recent focus on developing applications for Edge AI Computing Solutions. Their innovative technologies and products are widely used in various sectors such as Smart Retail, Intelligent Transportation, Industrial Automation, Smart Agriculture, Networking & Communication, among others. For instance, the AI Intelligent Security Detection System provides a more efficient solution for Customs Clearance AI Detection System, ensuring automatic detection and identification to eliminate illegal or dangerous items and maintain flight safety.

CHIMEI Motor Electronics:In Transit Edge AI System Solutions for Smart Transportation

CHIMEI Motor Electronics Team is dedicated to the field of "optics and vision," particularly the core technology development of "embedded AI systems." For example, the optical design of DMS (Driver monitoring system) can handle strong daylight and low-light conditions at night, detecting the driver's physiological state or the external environment for various AI applications.

In addition to ongoing development of next-generation AI-ADAS systems, collaborative efforts with automakers are underway to integrate different sensors and AI control decision algorithms, aiming for a more forward-looking layout. The goal is to become an integral part of the autonomous driving supply chain.

VISION Automobile Electronics:Smart Living, Smart City

VISION Automobile Electronics has expanded its focus beyond automotive electronics to include the development of IoT solutions for smart home living. With a range of practical applications in Home Automation, Home Security, Power Saving, and Environment Monitoring, they offer solutions like Air Quality Monitoring, Entry & Motion Detection Systems, and Safety Systems. The Environmental Protection Administration's Air Quality Monitoring Network benefits from PM 2.5 sensing technology developed by ITRI, providing modular expansion for various outdoor scenarios and adaptable sensing functions tailored to specific needs.

          Attendees at the event look forward to Taiwan and Indonesia becoming important partners in the global smart city industry chain, establishing close connections through collaborative research and development of innovative technologies and practical industry applications


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