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Vital Competitiveness- E-BIKE trend embodied by Taiwan
Date published 2020-02-14

Taipei, Feb. 11 (TAITRA) – The transformation of Taiwan’s bicycle industry towards e-bikes is now clearly starting to pay off. This is evidenced by the growth in exports in 2019, which shows the EU countries and the U.S. started to buy much more e-bikes from Taiwan.

According to the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance, Taiwan exported a record high of 647,860 e-bikes in 2019. Total e-bike exports by value were up 128.68% to $863 million compared to the same time last year. Exports of e-bikes to Europe and North America accounted for more than 90% of the total export volume. The top three countries that imported Taiwan bikes were the Netherlands, the U.S., and Germany.

With the determination to pursue high-tech and value-added products rather than high volume, Taiwan remains a global leader in cycling technology. There are more than 800 registered companies in bicycle-related industries in Taiwan, including frame, chain, and light manufacturers. With the global e-bike trend, new opportunities were also brought to Taiwanese manufacturers in the IT supply chain.

Among Taiwan’s leading e-bike & components brands are MERIDA, BESV and KMC, all are this year’s winners of the Taiwan Excellence Award.

NEW sports-type e-Mountain Bike (model: eONE-SIXTY), MERIDA

The new eONE-SIXTY embodies Merida’s ambition to surpass the most awarded bike in Merida’s history, to re-shine what MERIDA is known: innovation & new benchmark for design. Striking appearance, super stiff yet lighter carbon fiber frame. Agile, max. traction, comfort & playful normally feasible only from a non-assisted bike. Its launch helped Merida won the reputation for the unprecedented best bike from Germany MOUNTAINBIKE magazine.

e-Mountain Bike (model: TRS2), BESV

It features an integrated power tube design, perfectly fit into the streamlined frame, to keep a professional MTB outline for swift performance. The substantial 504Wh battery power allows riders to enjoy long rides with confidence. The advanced motor and power system delivers stable, strong and intuitive assistance. With the TRS2, you can enjoy city and outdoor rides with full confidence.

e101 eBike Chain (model: e101), KMC

KMC, a global leading bike chain brand, has redefined the chain technology limit through innovating chain structure and has introduced an unrivaled the eBike series chain. KMC increased strength chain life to withstand the rigors of e-Bike systems. The e101 eBike chain pair with KMC’s 3mm sprockets can be over 10,000 km mileage.

Benefited from Taiwan’s renowned ICT strength, Taiwan’s bicycle industry will continue to play a key role in the uprising e-bike era.



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