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Taiwan: World No.1 in Healthcare
Date published 2020-02-14

Taiwan has the best health care systems in the world, that’s according to the 2019 edition of the CEOWORLD magazine Health Care Index, which ranks 89 countries according to factors that contribute to overall health. Of the 89 countries surveyed, Taiwan’s healthcare comes in 1st place on the list scoring a 78.72 out of 100 on the Health Care Index, taking the lead ahead of Korea, Japan, Austria, and Denmark, top five advanced countries.

Taiwan has an advanced medical system, comprehensive health insurance system, and well-trained medical staff. With rich clinical strength and advanced medical equipment, Taiwan's comprehensive medical system has delivered a peace of mind and security against this new coronavirus epidemic outbreak.

Taiwan basic health care facilities are rated top of the world, CNN from the United States has even conducted special discussions on Taiwan's health care system. The concept of national medical care has not only driven the development of Taiwan's medical and biotechnology industries, Taiwan has been gaining experience and improving technology from the exercising of the medical system over the years. Aforementioned allows fair judgement and countermeasure to be implemented with all our medical resources to ensure Taiwan's security with any sudden epidemics burst.

Other than sharing medical system with foreign countries, Taiwan's export of medical materials has also made a significant contribution to the world. In terms of export value, the medical industry contributed 3.308 billion US dollars in export for 2019, an increase of more than 10% from 2017. The export items include contact lenses, blood glucose meters, assistive devices, instruments and accessories for dental and veterinary use. As the demand for assistive devices and materials for dental and bone implants for elderly people increased, it has further promoted the domestic related manufacturers with their R&D capability. There are currently 9 biotechnology and science parks with over 400 medical and biotech companies in Taiwan, many of whom are Taiwan Excellence awarded enterprises in medical industry.

In 2020, there are 37 Taiwan Excellence Award winning medical enterprises, as the number increases year by year, it shows that Taiwan's medical manufacturers have switched from OEM to creating their own brands. Professional medical equipment manufacturers even set their foot on international high-end medical market with their solid R&D capabilities, such as Faspro Surgical Video Camera from Faspro Systems Co., Ltd.; EzScope 101 Live Cell Imaging System from Arise Biotech Corp.; NEST Interbody system by PaoNan Biotech; Crystalvue Non-Mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera by Crystalvue Medical Corporation. For the aging society, assistive devices manufacturers have been working in parallel with the material and functionalities building the best devices such as Carbon Fiber Wheelchair from GIGANTEX Composite Technologies Co., Ltd.; Folding Mobility Scooter by Merits Health Products Co., Ltd. Taiwan Excellence Award winning enterprises have gone full throttle against recent coronavirus epidemic from WuHan. The Deep Q team from HTC Health-Care department has teamed up with Taiwan Centers for Disease Control in developing a LINE@Disease housekeeper that utilizes the social media to accurately deliver the most updated epidemic situation to the general publics. The non-contact thermometer with auto-measurement and distance control from Microlife Corp. offers auto measurement with distance control, which has been a great help for a swift checkup; 254 UVC Disinfection Robot System by Mediland Enterprise Corp. were all being exported to Huoshenshan Hospital, WuHan with the Green Customs Clearance. Taiwan Excellence Award winning enterprises are contributing in all ways possible in silent aiding the needed as this coronavirus outbreak causing a worldwide economic upheaval.

Medical care is the foundation of the happiness for any nation and also the beacon to Taiwan’s future industrial development. With the assistance from complete industrial supply chain with electronics and the medical system, plus a 25-year national health insurance database, Taiwan has the best environment for developing smart medical care. The medical material manufacturing industry is growing steadily. With the promotion and assistance from Taiwan Excellence, the worse it gets, the stronger our power grows. As medical industry being one of Taiwan's signatures, the innovations from Taiwan Excellence will continuously deliver premium products through the anti-epidemic period.



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