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Taiwan Excellence Pitching Brand New Concept with Tool Supply Chain @ IHF Cologne
Date published 2020-02-14

Taiwan hardware industry has a precise division and a complete supply chain. It is marketed globally with a "Professional, High-quality, and Innovative" image. Under the fiercely competitive international market, the hand tool industry still maintains stable growth with an export value of $3,798.45 million US dollars in 2019. As the Taiwan industrial Oscar-grade honour, Taiwan Excellence, is hosting Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at the IHF Cologne from March 1st to 4th, 2020. It showcases 15 Taiwan Excellence awarded enterprises with an industrial design aiming for international buyers and business opportunities.

The biennial IHF is the largest hardware exhibition in the world. In 2018, a total of 2,770 manufacturers from 58 countries participated with 47,000 visitors from 143 countries. 350 enterprises from Taiwan are expected to partake the exhibition this year. Over 33 highlights from Taiwan Excellence Pavilion include the Medical Precision Torquer with Anti-reverse Function Lightweight Screwdriver by ChienFu-Tec Co., Ltd., 6-in-1 multi-staple aluminum staple gun tacker by SAME YONG Industrial Co., Ltd., and the Telescopic Folding Ladder w/ext Leg by DOFAIR Co., Ltd. Taiwan Excellence will surely deliver more convenience to all DIY experts from around the world.

The output value of Taiwan's hand tools ranks in top 3 of the world, the main settlements are located in the central region of Taiwan where upgraded smart manufacturing capability has been introduced. Taiwan enterprises are also actively transforming toward the development of high-value products, breaking away from traditional OEM circle and developing in the direction of smart manufacturing, multifunctional and environmental friendly aspects. With established private brands, emphasized R&D, precision and high tech threshold, the quality industrial image of Taiwan hand tools can be fully demonstrated through the international exhibition platform.

As NCP (Novel coronavirus pneumonia) rages causing global economic upheaval, Taiwan Excellence will still take all award winning hardware and hand tool manufacturers from Taiwan to participate in international professional exhibitions in Germany, the United States and Southeast Asian markets to expand business opportunities. On top of IHF Cologne, ARCHIDEX 2020 Malaysia in July,  Automechanika Frankfurt 2020 in September, AAPEX 2020 and AMPA MYANMAR in November have all been organized by Taiwan Excellence.

In order to strengthen the publicity of the industry, Taiwan Excellence will cooperate with international professional magazines and websites through various international exhibitions to enhance the industry depth coverage along with global image of Taiwan's Transportation & Metal Industry. Taiwan Excellence enhances and delivers reliable, quality and craftsmanship-inspired industrial image and international brands through synchronized promotion with digital communities and online platforms.



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Taiwan External Trade Department

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