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Immersible Pump
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:TPRK1T / TPRK3T / TPRK5T
award 3

For transferring liquid used in machine tools. Immersible design that no need for hose or tube at inlet. Only need to ensure the height of water surface. No dry run and not easy for the air to be sucked in. Mechanical seal adopts an integrated modular design to improve performance and efficiency. Backwater designs that even if the liquid leaks, it stay inside the water tank. Avoids splashing liquid damaging the motor. This is a safer design. Mechanical seal adopts an integrated modular design to improve performance and efficiency, and the mechanical shaft seal can be disassembled from the outside of the machine tool to increase the convenience of maintenance. Consider the convenience of installation and use, reduce the size and weight of the product. After passing the inspection by Electronic Testing Center. The motors of this product are all high efficiency motors that meet the national IE3 efficiency standards.



WALRUS Pump Co., ltd is the leading manufacturers of pumps located in Taiwan since 1967, our value is to satisfy customers with a range of comprehensive products, innovative technology and superior quality, value and service. We continuously invest in new product research and development to bring you the best in the industry.

WALRUS established two primary factories in Taiwan, which located in Taipei and Kaohsiung. We invest the state of art CNC facilities to upgrade the quality of our manufacture. Industrial water pump products (TPH,TPHK,TPAK) were tested to ensure the quality and reliability.

Currently, WALRUS is already the number 1 brand in Taiwan’s home use market, its products are exported to over 40 countries, and it has received 5 global certifications: European CE & RoHS, Canadian CSA-C/US, Chinese 3C and ISO9001.
Now, WALRUS is laying out regional markets in the US, Mainland China, Japan, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Canada, Brazil, Australia, etc.


In 1943, in an era of medical underdevelopment, the relatives of our founder Mr. Huang Hsiu Hsiung passed away after contracting cholera from contaminated water. For this reason, relying on the thoughts of loved ones, Mr. Huang Hsiu Hsiung embraced the provision of a convenient and high-quality water supply as a lifelong vocation. Mr. Huang Hsiu Hsiung hoped to become like a walrus, living in severe climates, possessing the spirit to challenge limits and never give up, and overcoming all difficulties. Being able to imitate the spirit of the walrus to acquire the power to rule the seas and become the leader in water pumps has become our goal.

For this reason, we decided to reposition the old company to be ready to challenge global markets and shape the Walrus brand according to the spirit of the walrus! As the walrus rides the wind and waves, we will forge ahead bravely and actively expand!