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WQ_B Series Water-Cooled Ultra Quiet Electronic Control Pump
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:WQ200B / WQ400B / WQ800B / WQ800HB
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This product has unique innovative features in both product design and marketing strategy. The product is made of high-performance composite material, which meets the European RoHS 2.0 standards to avoid harm to the human body. The addition of added silver ions to the pump casing has been scientifically proven to inhibit microbial growth. The product also features an ultra quiet function for a silent water pump operation. The dual outlet design solves issues with outlet piping and material waste, and Taiwan's first water-cooled pump for household use, eliminating noise and saving energy.
In terms of marketing, this product has a smart control design, with a microcomputer intelligent controller for automatic start-stop and delay shutdown functions. The double dry-run protection includes thermal overload and program-controlled dry-running protections. The product also meets the strictest ESG standards to improve international market competitiveness.


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Founded in 1967, WALRUS PUMP Co., Ltd through continuous innovation and R&D to manufacturing the highest quality pumps, devoting to investing in new product research and development and innovative technologies. To implement the development and verification of new products, we establish motor power and pump energy efficiency laboratories, setting up exclusive production and verification departments, strictly checking the quality of products, and developing antibacterial, eco-friendly, efficient and energy-saving water equipment.
WALRUS Pump Co., Ltd, as the leading pump brand in the industry, its products are sold to more than 100 countries such as China, the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Germany, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, and have obtained Europe CE & RoHS, North America CSA-C/US, China 3C and ISO9001 and other international professional certifications.


In 1943, in an era of medical underdevelopment, the relatives of our founder Mr. Huang Hsiu Hsiung passed away after contracting cholera from contaminated water. For this reason, relying on the thoughts of loved ones, Mr. Huang Hsiu Hsiung embraced the provision of a convenient and high-quality water supply as a lifelong vocation. Mr. Huang Hsiu Hsiung hoped to become like a walrus, living in severe climates, possessing the spirit to challenge limits and never give up, and overcoming all difficulties. Being able to imitate the spirit of the walrus to acquire the power to rule the seas and become the leader in water pumps has become our goal. For this reason, we decided to reposition the old company to be ready to challenge global markets and shape the Walrus brand according to the spirit of the walrus! As the walrus rides the wind and waves, we will forge ahead bravely and actively expand!