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5-Axis High Speed Gantry Machining Center5-Axis High Speed Gantry Machining Center
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:GM2540
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The GM2540 five-axis high-speed gantry machining center focuses on the application market of aerospace processing especially the application of aluminum alloy structural parts, titanium alloy structural parts, engine casings and composite moulds. Provides customers with the industry's most complete aerospace processing solutions and customized solutions as well as technical services like factory planning, special machine development, training, talent supply, turnkey solutions and smart manufacturing. The GM2540 is high-end processing equipment for automatic clamping of angled milling heads, optimal design of double box geometry hot-forward structure and FEM finite element analysis. Reduces the load on moving parts, energy consumption and greatly increases the efficiency of machine tools. It also has safety grating, a tool management system and ceiling cover design to increase management efficiency, operator convenience and safety considerations.


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Asia Pacific Elite Corp. (APEC) was established in 2001 .It is a subsidiary of Taiwan's largest machine tool manufacturer, TTgroup and it is also the R&D center of TTGroup in the central Taiwan. APEC specializes in producing 5-axis large scale high speed machining center. APEC combines high-quality R&D design, sophisticated assembly and test verification procedures, rigorous quality control and turnkey application processing solutions to create customer value. APEC has the world's most complete medium and large aerospace structure and engine parts processing solutions and product lines, as well as technical services with factory planning, special machine development, training, talent supply, turnkey solutions and smart manufacturing. APEC has successfully entered into a market-oriented position including ThyssenKrupp, Yulkok, Williams International, and AIDC. Our enterprise management and technology research and development have won many awards in recent years.


APEC founded in 2001, whereby businesses and product development direction and development of the industry in Taiwan was most different, the first technology transfer technology of linear motor of ITRI .When the machine tool industry, due to the government's encouragement, , this technology is only the Asia-Pacific elite persevered This high-end technology and the development of European industry as a benchmark, the industry is fully set for the object of advanced learning, and efforts to introduce and study in Europe each two-axis head technology. Become Taiwan's first successful mass production of such products company, however, we know that in addition to APEC and efforts to enhance the technology, but also need the right resources and can give help and partners, in 2005 the APEC group officially became a member of the TONGTAI . 2014 Aerospace Day held at the factory, The name of the Asia-Pacific elites "gradually began to emerge on these specific user groups

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