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5-axis Horizontal machining center
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:HS700
award 3

The best horizontal five-axis machine with an automatic disk exchange system-HS700
APEC five-axis horizontal machine-HS700 is equipped with a change pallet system to realize the automation function of a single machine. It has more than 18 trays, which can install the materials that need to be processed at one time in advance. After the machine tool is started, the processing can be directly completed according to the settings. procedures, reduce manual loading and unloading and machine downtime and greatly improve production efficiency. The rotary table driven by a direct drive motor can be turned 360 degrees, breaking through the constraints of general processing angles. This machine debuted at the 2023 Taipei International Tool Show this year and was sold on the first day. It has received three export orders, accounting for 5% of the revenue in Q1Q2. It has signed up and will go to France, Chicago, Turkey, and China for exhibitions this year.


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Asia Pacific Elite Corp. (APEC) was established in 2001 .It is a subsidiary of Taiwan's largest machine tool manufacturer, TTgroup and it is also the R&D center of TTGroup in the central Taiwan. APEC specializes in producing 5-axis large scale high speed machining center. APEC combines high-quality R&D design, sophisticated assembly and test verification procedures, rigorous quality control and turnkey application processing solutions to create customer value. APEC has the world's most complete medium and large aerospace structure and engine parts processing solutions and product lines, as well as technical services with factory planning, special machine development, training, talent supply, turnkey solutions and smart manufacturing. APEC has successfully entered into a market-oriented position including ThyssenKrupp, Yulkok, Williams International, and AIDC. Our enterprise management and technology research and development have won many awards in recent years.


Asia Pacific Elite Corp.(APEC) was established to apply the technical characteristics of linear motors to develop the high-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency gantry five-axis machine center and processing solution for precision automotive molds and aerospace processing.At the beginning of APEC establishment, APEC cooperated with ITRI for linear motor technology and high-speed machine structure design analysis.More than a decade ago, APEC began to invest in large-scale five-axis technologies with the strategic alliances of research institutes such as Germany and Italy. APEC takes “Aiming in aerospace solutions” as the core spirit of the brand and provides great application support and customized solutions to high-end users. In summary, APEC is providing whole plant planning services, cooperating with famous manufacturers, focusing on high-end customers, innovating customer orientation, and wish to be a long-term partner.APEC will continue to focus on the aerospace market.