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Hydrostatic Cylindrical Grinders specialized for transmission shaft
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:CTS-100
Grintimate Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
award 3

The solution for a volatile market and to solve the grinding efficiency of a transmission shaft. In 2017, Grintimate built the only hydrostatic cylindrical grinder in Asia that is dedicated to the grinding of transmission gears for automobiles. Combined with the high rigidity, low friction and no wear characteristics of a hydrostatic spindle, the grinding wheel is rated up to O455x300x228.6. One-feed grinding boosts grinding capacity and machining efficiency ten-fold, greatly cutting down machining time and labor costs.
The design also uses a synchronous servo taper which means it can operate with robotic arms. This not only ensures the cylindricity and roundness <2μm, but also substantially enhances efficiency. The grinding process can be completed in 45 seconds.


About Grintimate Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

GRINTIMATE PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD, owner of advanced patented hydrostatic spindle technology, is a leading designer and specialized manufacturer of high-precision grinders and vertical lathes. We have developed exclusive technologies for hydrostatic spindles, rotary worktables, and guideway modules that are specialized, widely used in machine tools for a wide variety of applications, have an irreplaceable position in the field.

We strive to provide high-precision, high-quality, low-wear, and environmentally friendly machine tools to our customers. Assisting customers to improve efficiency and quality, lower cost to enhance competitiveness, creating unique value and high efficiency, and providing the best solution, is the highest purpose of Grintimate focusing on R&D and innovation!


GRINTIMATE, specialized manufacturer of high-precision grinders. In 2014, GRINTIMATE start-up teams were designer and manufacturer of hydrostatic bearing. The development of high-precision machine is moving toward high speed, and high accuracy. Especially for Grinding machine, the required accuracy is always calculated in microns unit. Vibration is a major factor affecting the quality of processing, the application of hydrostatic bearing is to solve the small vibration generated by traditional bearing. Besides bearing, vibration may also come from transmission structure, feed mechanism and machine body. Hydrostatic technology in Taiwan was immature at that time. To ensure optimal integration between hydrostatic bearings and machine tools, Grintimate was established in October 2014, The exclusive hydrostatic products are applied to grinders, providing high precision machines that can achieve high precision, high quality, low wear and eco-friendly machines in various industries.