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Sugarcane straws
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:6*210MM/8*210MM/12*210MM 紙包/裸包 平口/斜口
Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd.
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Sugarcane straws are made from renewable materials and are naturally compostable after the end of their life, ensuring that the earth's limited resources can be recycled in a regenerative and sustainable manner. Uses recycling and application of renewable natural waste such as bamboo fiber, bagasse, coffee grounds, etc., to achieve zero waste in its entire industrial cycle.

Jutian’s initial business model was based on “solving environmental issues”.

"100% ZHI" is committed to improving the plastic pollution situation caused by the end of life of plastic products, using natural resources to produce products that can naturally decompose, thereby alleviating global plastic waste pollution.

Statistics show that 370 billion disposable plastic straws are used every year in the world.
We found that one-time plastic pollution was the most serious environmental issue, and we launched our first product, the "sugar cane straw."
In terms of marketing we are dedicated to finding problems and then launching products to solve those problems.


About Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd.

Starting from the concept of circular economy
and wastes recycling, Mr. Huang Chien Chung has
been doing research on green materials since 2007.
Various eco materials and products have been
gradually developed and designed with the philosophy of reaching zero waste.
In 2017, “Sugarcane straws” was launched.
Expecting to improve plastic pollution problem, he reuses the wasted sugarcane fiber (the by product of sugar making process), and turns it into raw materials.
We are strongly promoting UNSDGs17 by
actively participating conferences, and also concerns the issues including fair trade, circular resources and plastic pollution.



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