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Plant fiber Cutlery
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:甘蔗/竹子
Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd.
award 3

Ju Tian Cleantech﹝100% Zhi﹞developed ecofriendly biodegradable “Plant fiber Cutlery” by applying the concept “Waste materialization”. Through recycling the waste materials, plant fiber cutlery gains value, and active in our meals with a new form.
The core design of Plant Fiber Cutlery is implementing the concept of sustainable development. We ensure that while meeting the modern people’s needs of disposable tableware, we do not damage and deprive the valuable resources of future generations. With regard to this, we have proposed the concept of “From Dining Table to Dining Table”. The purpose is to use the waste on our dining table﹝such as coffee grounds, bagasse ... etc.﹞to recycle and process them into plant fiber cutlery and return to the table for use. Eventually, the tableware can be composted after using and return to nature.
For domestic promotion, we connect with the public in the most direct ways, which are “Attending the exhibition” and welcome students to do business visit. We not only explain how plant fiber cutlery implements “waste recycling”, but also emphasize that the design of the product is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number 12 and 13, so as to ensure that the limited resources of the earth can be used in a sustainable way, and form a friendly economic and industrial system, practice the idea of sustainable development.
As for the global market, in addition to participating in the International Invention Competition and exhibition, we work with our clients by uploading product introducing video to We Media, promoting the product value, and calling for the attention of the plastic pollution problem. When interviewed by international media, we used Taiwan Can help as an initiative to show that Taiwan is also making efforts for the sustainable development of the world actively and working hard on zero industrial waste.


About Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd.

Starting from the concept of circular economy
and wastes recycling, Mr. Huang Chien Chung has
been doing research on green materials since 2007.
Various eco materials and products have been
gradually developed and designed with the philosophy of reaching zero waste.
In 2017, “Sugarcane straws” was launched.
Expecting to improve plastic pollution problem, he reuses the wasted sugarcane fiber (the by product of sugar making process), and turns it into raw materials.
We are strongly promoting UNSDGs17 by
actively participating conferences, and also concerns the issues including fair trade, circular resources and plastic pollution.