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Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:GB7007
Gee Hoo Industrial Corp.
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This product is a fitness/rehabilitation equipment specially designed for the safety and needs of the elderly people, and has the safety and value-added services of ICT technology.

This product has a number of designs for the safety and comfort of fitness exercises for the elderly, including:

Low Starting Resistance, 360° swivel seat,1:1 arm to leg motion, limb linkage movement, orthopedic foot and heel support, anti-slip mat design. All of these are designed to prevent the elderly from slipping or falling, while also improving the support and comfort of fitness exercises

This product also has the value-added functions of ICT technology including three-stage exercise analysis which allowing users to fully understand their own fitness conditions, and different types of training game which designed to improve muscle strength, release pressure and coordinate training, while enhance the fun of training at same time to make elderly people more willing to engage in fitness.


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About Gee Hoo Industrial Corp.

To be one of the leading health and wellness company give humanity better life quality.
Give our global customers with innovative products, superior quality, and the best support on customer services.
Established since 1979, over 33 years of experience manufacturing fitness equipment has established Body Charger as one of reputable company in Taiwan.
*OEM / ODM manufacturer for clients.
*Offering a complete product ranges from residential *to commercial grade even the medical-care products.
*Offering R/D teams with fully support to our best clients on product development.
*Critical components are selected from reputable and reliable international sources.
*Product qualities are certificated by third-party Verification Company.
*ISO 9001 :2015 certificated; factories are located in Taiwan.


Body Charger is a brand of GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP. Our mission is to create the training equipment that customers can enjoy and fulfill their life quality.

A Passion of Innovation, Quality and Service
GEE HOO established since 1979, dedicated in manufacturing fitness and wellness equipment in Taiwan and it has earned both ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 pending. Adhering to passion of Innovation, Quality and Service, we major focus on own unique design is differentiate from the market perspective and provides products cross three mains physiotherapy, rehabilitation, cardiology and fitness. We sincerely believe we can bring humanity better life quality.

Redefine the Exercise
Not only for people who can do workout in the gym or fitness club but inspired the individuals in elder exercise, physical therapy or cardiac rehabilitation. We hope our fitness equipment can be helpful for people of all ages to get moving, stay active and enjoy the life.

Endless Pursuit on Your Needs
Body Charger Fitness places an emphasis on SAFE PRODUCTS. The motto “user’s orientation” shows our commitment to providing professional products. We encourage friendly thinking in our endless pursuit to satisfy customer needs. We follow strict EN957 standard to ensure safe products and win the trust from our customers.

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