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Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:T1000 / T1000-iCG / T1000-220V
Gee Hoo Industrial Corp.
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"CYBO Run" has the features of tasteful style, smart technology, sports safety and precise training. Besides stylish shape, innovative “React Arm” cushioning System and warm-up guide animation can reduce sport injuries. Unique cushioning designs make muscle contraction longer and burn calories more. The solid structure and 4.0HP motor provide running speed up to 22 km/h. Premium 15.6″ touch screen has NFC sensing/APP scan log-in, virtual trail, 15 programs, and can connect to training APP by FTMS BT and charge mobile phone wirelessly.

It also has the world's first "iCareGym" smart fitness safety system that combine IoT , smart technology and cross-platform service. "iCareGym" system can integrate wearable smartwatch and professional physiological measurement machine, to upload and use the measure data to intelligently distinguish exercise safety level and adjust exercise intensity. Users can log in to machine by iCareGym APP and upload/query/share fitness and measurement data.


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About Gee Hoo Industrial Corp.

Established in 1979, Gee Hoo Industrial Co. started from an small trader now has become a prominent manufacturer of fitness equipment over 40 years, and win the reputation and respect of the industry.
In response to the development trend of ICT, cloud computing and AI technology , we strategically establish a new brand "iCareGym" using multiple innovative technologies and patents. The “iCareGym – iCG” presents a novel and distinctive fitness approach of fitness safety assessment, intelligent technology and precision fitness. It empower users with confidence while ensuring them the safe, accurate and effective fitness. At present, we have four series of different types of products combined with the use of "iCareGym" intelligent fitness safety system - Body Charger, CYBO, i-Care, and EST. By seamlessly integrating intelligent technologies, fitness safety assessments and precision fitness, “iCareGym" can helps more people become healthier and happier. And that's what we expect.


Gee Hoo Industrial Co was established in 1979. It started as small trader selling household fitness equipment, and then entered the manufacturing (OEM, ODM). Later we established private brands “Body Charger” to develop diverse and high-value-added fitness products, specially for the senior/sub-healthy group in global aging trend.
In response to the trend of ICT, cloud computing and AI technology, We established a new brand “iCareGym”. "iCareGym" is the world's first " intelligent fitness safety system" combining physiological measurement, fitness safety assessment, cloud computing and intelligent technology to brings consumers brand-new fitness services and experience. “iCareGym” has four series - Body Charger , i-Care, CYBO and EST and their distinctive types of products for different user groups - Professional, Senior, Style and Relax. All theses products Integrate with the "iCareGym" Intelligent fitness system to make fitness more smarter, safer and effective.

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