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Submersible pump
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:100HD211 / 100HD215 / 150HD215
award 3

Designed for construction, its easy portability and water-cooling motor make it possible to run the pump in low water levels and used in various civil engineering and construction applications.
Water cooling design, the motor cools down by the water flows through the motor side and makes it operate long.
Our pumps conform to IP68 the highest waterproofing grade with the best waterproofing structure. Using Silicon Carbide mechanical seal which is durable, wear-resistance, long-term operation, non-leakage, and motor protector to ensure the best insulation.
Flange junction and intensify stainless steel motor frame. Internal of the pump is made of cast iron with high solids epoxy coating which can prolong the lifetime of metal avoiding corrosion.
Impeller with chrome steel which hardness is HRC. 55~60 is the most flexible and hardest that can resist long-term wear in gravel with high capacity.


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HCP Pump Manufacturer Co., Ltd. was established in 1979. HCP is a professional manufacturing plant for submersible pumps with R & D capability and marketed globally under its own HCP brand.
In 2019, the construction of the second phase of the plant in the Pingtung Export Processing Zone was complete and the total area reached 33,702 square meters.
Meanwhile, HCP has set up three automated production lines, AS/RS automated storage system, and AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle also expand the CNC processing equipment. With efficient logistics technology, flexible ERP production schedule, and the precise and efficient management system that will be able to respond to the demand for domestic and overseas clients quickly and move towards an intelligent factory.

“Make Future Flow”, HCP will use the evolving technology and smart manufacturing to create a more convenient water environment in the future.


Due to Taiwan’s economic boom in the 1970s, the demand for water rapidly increased. Most of the pumps used during that period were imported, and many pumps were not available in the Taiwanese market. There was a demand for the pumps suitable to Taiwanese environment. Against this background, Fang Wen-Che, the founder of HCP started investing in manufacturing and development of submersible pumps. Fang’s aim was to produce pumps suitable for any circumstances where water was used. He named the company ‘Hou Chen Pump’ and later shortened it to ‘HCP’. After forty years of constant growth, HCP products are sold in Taiwan and throughout the world. In 2019, we redesigned our logo - modern and concise to celebrate HCP’s 40th anniversary: a milestone of advanced manufacturing. HCP PUMP will continue providing new pump technologies to the world, giving better and more convenient access to water needs in a wide range of environments. ‘make future flow’