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Apple HomeKit Smart Air Conditioner
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:PHI-GF28FH/PHO-GF28FH
award 3

HERAN uses the GF series created the country’s first cloud air-conditioning product that complies with Apple Homekit specifications.
Before entering the Apple Homekit ecosphere market, the quality, production and related network security components of the product must be certified by the Apple MFi manufacturing certification company and this the relevant certification standard only has a pass rate of 2%。
in addition to home network and privacy security is guaranteed, the body itself also has a full range of protection features: both indoor and outdoor units have blue wave anti-rust, indoor units It can effectively delay the erosion of the copper pipe by biogas. The 5D air flow improves the efficiency of the indoor cold room; in addition to the PM2.5 filter, it blocks micro dust in the air and makes the air cleaner.
HERAN GF series air-conditioning products will lead air-conditioning products to enter a new market and consumption model.



Heran, a local brand from Taiwan has earned its reputation by manufacturing high quality products to the customers. As one of the leading household appliances manufacturers in Taiwan, Heran’s strength lies not only in marketing management, but also in independent research and development.
We have a professional R&D team composed by dozens of personnel with professional background in engineering and electronic, making us more than capable of conducting self-management in software development and technological support, so that the value reflecting on the outcome will keep our distinguished customers satisfied. With years of implementation of Agile Development comes better efficiency for Heran in both making and introducing our pristine products to the market, and Heran will continue introducing more innovative products to the market, as we always have been!


HERAN’’s genuine philosophy HERAN is a customer-oriented corporation, who takes customer satisfaction as our premium principle. We are and will be constantly improving our efficiency and product value. We at HERAN always try our best to lower the cost and directly pass the benefit to our loyal customers without sacrificing the quality. Quality Products; Value, Ergonomic Innovations, Best After-sales Service and Best interaction with our customers. Combining all of these, you only see HERAN. Technology Oriented HERAN HERAN insists to obtain her own technology and R&D teams. HERAN has a long-term investment plan at Hwa-Ya Technology Park.Currently, HERAN has 5 R&D teams, with more than 50 top engineers to provide the most unique, flexible and reliable products to our clients. By securing technology, the corporate is able to satisfy all need of our clients, which would allow HERAN to survive under the harshest competitions.