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Electronic Parking Break SW
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:ADT08
Hua-Jie (Taiwan) Corp.
award 3

Vehicle electrification is a topic that covers many aspects of electrification in vehicles and automotive industry goes through radical changes. EPB system solves the problems of operating comfort and safety performance, improves the parking brake performance, and saves quality and equipment space.ADT08 is mainly used on auto electronic parking brake systems, such as steering wheel infotainment controls. The design features including two independent circuits, through a set of connecting rod quick-action structure and a dual-axis synchronization mechanism. This unique design provides the function of switched instantly.There are strict requirements up to 37 items of reliability verification of ADT08, including functional, environmental protection, weather resistance, and durability verification.The product received the design patent of the R.O.C in August 2019 and the invention patent of the R.O.C in May 2020.Hua-Jie always takes challenges, creates our value and supports our customers.


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About Hua-Jie (Taiwan) Corp.

Established in June 1989, Taiwan Huajie Co., Ltd. was established over 30 years, specializing in the production of various types of switches, and manufacturing high quality products in a fully automated production mode.
The company's product development is oriented towards the development of human-machine communication bridges, and focuses on research and development in the fields of mechanics, acoustics, and sensing.
Faced with fierce competition in the market and increasing adverse conditions in manufacturing, we are still striving to develop new and thin products to break through the monopoly of Japanese brands in the mid-to-high-end product market and expand the company's new industry and business growth.
Looking forward to the future, we will make the company a unique and attractive company with "smart manufacturing, world quality, and refined products".


HUA-JIE (Taiwan) Corp founded on June 20, 1989, Taoyuan factory established in January, 1993 (Besides we also located subsidiary companies and production plants in Suzhou and Xiamen), specializing in producing Tact switches, full-automation production method and excellent product quality, deeply favored by the world-class plants. Forecast potential competitiveness of company and confront all kinds of increasing disadvantageous conditions in manufacturing industry, Still dedicated to research, develop and manufacture thinning of new products. Break Japanese manufacturer’s monopoly in the mid-high end markets, expanding company’s new territory in industry and increasing businesses growth, establishing long-term business development direction, and achieve objective of entrance to capital market for public issue.