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High Volume Low Speed Fan
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:AH-7 / AH-6 / AH-5 / AH-4 / AH-3
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Use the principle of large air volume & low rotational speed HVLS, extend diameter to 7 meters through fan blade, have five-piece aerospace fluid fan blade design, with rotational speed of 55rpm, achieve 1-3m/s intermittent natural wind.

Core power system is PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor developed by the Co. with sensorless control. Motor efficiency is over 90%.

With utralight patent design, whole equipment structure is made of aerospace aluminum alloy with weather resistant coating.Blade fan locking & fixing way adopts embedded design, it is safest patented crash-resistant design exclusively developed in the industry.

Patented efficient & energy-saving LED module ensures adequate light below when the fan is running, visual perception is more comfortable.

AIoT combines with ambient air quality system EAS information to collect & upload information to the cloud, and controls fan speed through cloud AI calculation feedback.


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AMA TECH was established in 2012. In the early stage, AMA TECH’s main service items focused on R & D and manufacturing of automatic components, namely key mechanical components like ball screw and linear guideway. With the efforts of AMA TECH professional team, nearly 200 multinational inventions and new patents have been obtained.
In the transformation, R&D and manufacturing of helicopter fan ® series of air conditioning system in 2018, the professional R&D team, with its rich design experience, has become a pioneer by combining aerospace mechanism material design and permanent magnet variable-frequency direct-drive motor with super large energy-saving circulation fan created.
With the aim of “The Most Comfortable Air”, we constantly pursue innovation and breakthrough, and provide customers with the best solution of air circulation and body cooling in large space, besides, AIoT intelligent control system is added to truly exhibit a comfortable natural wind field.


Origin Founder & Chairman Mr Mao-Dun Li visited Fort San Domingo years ago, he saw a fan installed 60 years before still running, which triggered his intention of manufacturing a fan that would still run 100 years later. Philosophy The professional team of AMA TECH conducts in-depth research and finds that the most comfortable wind for human body is simulated natural wind. When blowing under such a change of wind speed, human body can naturally relieve heat. Creating the most comfortable wind is AMA TECH’s philosophy Vision AMA TECH focuses on enhancing environmental information application and instrument control ability, and hopes to plan more intelligent air conditioning solutions through on-site data analysis. Create green energy products for sustainable use, contribute to green energy environment on the earth, and safeguard our homeland together.

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