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Exhaust Fan
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:AEX-1460
award 3

AMA Tech’s ECO Fan – Exhaust Fan, a 54-inch negative pressure exhaust fan, which is specially designed to expel indoor hot air. Equipped with a patented permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), this core technology of DC brushless motor performs ultra-high energy-efficiency over 90% achieving excellent energy-saving effect. Its operation costs low energy consumption at low electricity expenses and much longer product lifetime exceeding industry standard. IP57 waterproof and dustproof advantages help to apply in various indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. Ultra-quiet operation sound (less than 60 decibels), reducing the pressure of usage and environmental noise. Exhaust fan is commonly applied to indoor ventilation improving indoor air quality. Tremendous output of expelled hot air through exhaust fan helps to greatly lower indoor temperature. It is suitable for all places and large spaces that need to discharge heat inside the building, such as logistics centers, factories.


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AMA TECH focused on R&D and manufacturing key components of ballscrew and linear guide as main service in early stage.

Transformed and developed circulation wind field equipment in 2018, its professional R&D team invested in research of PMSM power and obtained nearly 200 multinational inventions and new patents based on united efforts of colleagues. Combining energy-saving rare earth maglev motor SPM with durable antifouling fan blade DAF and exclusive development of the AIOT DC intelligent drive controller, the Holicopter Fans® are created with the purpose of "The Most Comfortable Air".

AMA TECH is constantly pursuing innovation, actively deploying international operation and delivery centers, providing a subscription service model for large wind field, and introducing Siemens Simcenter FloEFD&HVAC planning and design for large wind field, providing the world's most power-saving cooling solutions, and expecting to become a green manufacturing company behind the scenes.


Origin Founder & Chairman Mr Mountain visited Fort San Domingo years ago, he saw a fan installed 60 years before still running, which triggered his intention of manufacturing a fan that would still run 100 years later. Philosophy The professional team of AMA TECH conducts in-depth research and finds that the most comfortable wind for human body is simulated natural wind. When blowing under such a change of wind speed, human body can naturally relieve heat. Creating the most comfortable wind is AMA TECH’s philosophy Vision AMA TECH focuses on enhancing environmental information application and instrument control ability, and hopes to plan more intelligent air conditioning solutions through on-site data analysis. Create green energy products for sustainable use, contribute to green energy environment on the earth, and safeguard our homeland together.

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