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Reign E+
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:Reign E+
Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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The full-suspension, fully capable Reign E+ Pro gives riders the power to enjoy the best parts of the ride again and again. Reign E+ Engineered with 160mm of Maestro suspension and high-performance SyncDrive Pro motor technology.
1. SyncDrive Pro is designed for high-performance E-bike riding. Giant tuned the motor to make it more powerful, producing a performance-oriented riding style.
2. RideControl ONE offers integrated, user-friendly button controls that are easy to use through the Giant E-bike App with navigation, health and fitness functionalities.
3. EnergyPak Battery:Climb steep mountains and enjoy fun descents all day long with the downtube integrated EnergyPak. The battery charges to 80% in 2.2 hours with our 6A Fast Charger.


About Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

A renowned name in the cycling world, Giant’s wide distribution network and its number 1 imported brand status in numerous markets show the brand’s potential for strong growth. Its brand proposition is about inspiring adventures in others by delivering high quality bikes for the widest range of audiences, regardless of location. Giant also sponsors the Rabobank teams, which include three-time World Champion Oscar Freire, and current Cyclocross World Champion Lars Boom.


It started 40 years ago with one goal: Improving the cycling experience for people around the world. Unlike most other brands, we produced our own frame materials, investing in the ability to forge and shape tubing to meet specific performance demands. Even as the company pushed into uncharted waters—stronger and lighter materials, more efficient production, improved quality control—reliability remained a hallmark of the brand. Riders could trust Giant. Through technology and innovation, we were advancing the bikes people rode, and the way they rode them. All Giant technologies are born from collaborations between athletes, engineers and a global team of product developers. The insights and demands of cutting-edge world champions, riders who push the limits of man and machine, benefit us all. In return, we are awed by their incredible feats. Giant’s original idea, to improve the cycling experience with better bikes, remains core to the brand.

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