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PakYak E+
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:PakYak E+
Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Pak the FUN!
We’ve thought of everything with the PakYak E+, and that’s what makes it a consumer favorite! Its low-step frame, dual-battery options, dropper seat post, double kickstand and range of accessories, easily secures its #1 spot.

Collaborative Tech
Its best-in-class motor in partnership with Yamaha offers powerful pedal assist up to 28MPH; and its battery solution, developed with Panasonic, offers the fastest recharge time on the market.

Premium Safe Build
Four piston hydraulic disc brakes with extra thick rotors and pads provide powerful braking under load and at speed. Its fast-rolling, wide tires offer increased comfort and stability on varied terrain.

Complementary Accessories
Its accessory range meets all customers’ demands. Alongside a range-extending auxiliary battery and industry-first lockable storage case, passenger accessories include a seat pad, footrest, passenger bar, and wheel guard; and cargo accessories include a tote bag, rear basket, pannier bag and etc.


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