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Single spindle CCD drilling machine
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:DG1D
award 3

1.TA LIANG controller applied, for accurate and stable quality.
2.Precise CCD alignment and depth control drilling can meet the high end PCB sample requirement in the process of PCB back-drill & depth control drilling.
3.Support to drill and <2D code > on PCB, clients can see the digitals or scan 2D code to accelerate the drilling process and inspect the accuracy of after-procedures.
4.Support the automatic load /unload system, clients can select automatic load/unload structure for automation production.
5.Available to adapt to customer’s monitoring system to analyzing productivity and abnormality.

We have sales & service team in Taiwan and overseas markets. It’s our mission to offer a proper and best production assignment. TL system provides with efficient contact, order conditions can be monitored by CRM system. Moreover, we lecture about the products manual for service sites in domestic and overseas locally and quickly.


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Ta Liang Technology CO., LTD. was established in December 1980. At first, we mainly produced Diamond composite cutters then the company changed its focus to manufacturing machines for optical tooling. In 1985, the company successfully developed engraving and milling machines. Then, PCB routing machines and drilling machines became the company’s major products in 1995 and 2001, respectively, which also enabled the company to enter the field of PCB equipment. Finally, in 2008, the company has successfully entered the display panel sector by introducing glass grinding machines.


In 1980, Bade city, the enthusiastic 7 young men with the professional mechanical field background has the same spirit to achieve the dream together, therefore, TL was founded. In the beginning TL specializes in the engraving milling machine, and in 1995, TL successfully developed the PCB routing machine and officially entered the PCB equipment industry. TL has been concentrating on the R&D, manufacture and sales, and also aims to offer the best products. The company was renamed “Ta Liang Technology Co., Ltd.” In year of 2000. TL logo shows the combination of seven red gears, which represents the passion and 7 founders. Ta Liang has known for the PCB machine, and it’s been 34 years TL worked in the PCB field. Since the impressive logo and a good reputation, TL has become a leading company in the PCB equipment field.