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Epidemic Prevention Elevator
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:EPE
E-Feng Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.
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Early 2020, the global was attacked by COVID19. It brings along a big challenge to us. According to warnings from a lot of countries, elevator is one of the major infection media in the epidemic. Since elevators have narrow space & limited air circulation with frequent occupants in use, the rick of infection is not lower than inside airplane or large transportations.
Started early 2019, E-Feng has been developing certain devices for epidemic controls and already put them into elevators. Therefore, EPE Epidemic Prevention Elevator was born. EPE devices are such as Elevator Sterilization Device, Anti-Bacterial Filtration Fan, Non-Contact buttons, Voice Recognition, Gesture Recognition, Smart Elevator APP & Virtual Pedal Button etc. No matter, it is existing elevators with additional EP devices or new build elevators with build-in EP devices, E-Feng can satisfy both cases. E-Feng is always ahead in the elevator technologies.


About E-Feng Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.

We are one of the largest exporting elevator manufacturers in Taiwan.
Our unique innovation in research plus development technology and adhering to the quality is the reason why we are able to meet the elevator safety standards of developed countries, not only won a number of worldwide patents but also meet the regulation of CE and Japan's certifications, therefore our products can be famous and popular in the world.
We have the strongest professional elevator design team in Taiwan, Our kernel value is to meet the needs of customers around the world, We have products from the smallest individual residential home lift to the largest high-rise high-speed car lifts with good performance and riding experience. "Unlimited technical support and service" is another important value for us to win the trust from our customers around the world, which is one of our most important advantages, No matter where our lift installed all will have a good care from us.


E-Feng Machinery company was established in 1998, From the experiences of elevator exporting to Japan, We know there are many home lifts installed in Japan, but not many installed in Taiwan, Considering the aging situation happening same in Taiwan, We start the first cooperation with Japanese company to develop the minimum shaft demand for lift but to create the largest compartment area of the MRL(Machine Room Less) home elevator, because the development of the idea is from Japan, We choose Sakura elevator as our brand, as the home lift is not the main product of international manufacturer, but with high market demanding, so E-Feng decided to fill this market vacancy,
Considering the old house has some limitation to install the home lift, E-Feng provide the new product "Pitless home lift" which can have a home lift with less pit length, most of the old house can have their own lift with this new innovation, and aging people no more worry on up or down stairs.