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Turning Blind spot Assistance system
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:TBA
award 3

Embedded AI recognition:
1. Real-time detection, classification, tracking according to the "protected object", & different levels of warning method.
2. Protect VRU objects, pedestrian, bicyclist, motorcyclist & vehicles.
3. The "protected object" can be detected and tracked whether it is still or shielded by bushes or public facilities.
☉It has broken through video recognition bottleneck:
1. Invisible IR ensures can still operate normally at night, or non-light environment.
2. Gravity diversion design is added. Can still operate under 80mm/h rain testing.
3. This system does not require any calibration tools, it can works properly.
☉ Unique HMI design:
1. It provides the driver with a judgment on what action to take next.
2. Even if the vehicle turns sharply before trigger indicator, it will activate remind.
3. "Detection range" & "Warning mechanism" will automatically be switched.
4. Output to dual screen at the same time, they are, "blind spot top view" & "the view of side mirror"


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We focuse to the field of "optics and vision", especially the core technology development of "embedded AI system"; platforms, data mining and analysis, are all in our camera-based recognition categories. The application of database and AI algorithm has many years of practical experience in collaborative design with car manufacturers and world-class Tier1 & well-known ODM; and customers are all over the world like Germany, Japan, and the US and so on.
Based on the YOLOR object detection algorithm, we have developed a brand-new algorithm to perform multi-tasking operations with limited computing resources and perform fast and real-time processing. and can also connect to the cloud.
The new-generation AI-ADAS system it has also formally collaborated with car manufacturers to design and develop the integration of different sensors, and a more forward-looking as AI control and decision-making algorithms, hoping to become a part of the autonomous driving supply chain in the future.


2017 Hidden in the tin hut, the eye of the car. (Business Today)/ Won the Award Taipei Innovation. 2018 Awarded the Taipei Electronics Exbt.Taiwanese supplier shouldn't just be the foundry status (Storm Media Group) 2019 Awarded the R&D Innovation Partner Quality Award" at the TOYOTA Indonesia Supply Chain Innovative Product Launch Conference./ Nissan KICKS with ADAS. No compromises- only the ultimate! (The Epoch Times) 2020 Commercial Vehicle AI Blind Spot Active Warning System won the A+ Enterprise Innovation Project of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Technology Division - R&D Consolidation Subsidy. /ADAS suppliers targeting the market. (TRI) 2021 "Taiwan International Smart Mobility Exhibition (2035 E-Mobility Taiwan)" Competition Top 10 (among 89 companies from 26 countries, the only one winner in Taiwan)/ the core parts for smart e- buses (Liberty Times). 2022 Awarded the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award (BSIS- compliance to the UNECE R151 regulations). 2023 Awarded ESG mark.