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Marble Veneer Shelf Board
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:426181-0511 / 426181-0611 / 426191-0511 / 426191-0611
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The core value of FECA is to create FECA everywhere in daily life. With the unique technology of suction cups, FECA creates the new lifestyle as the brand value with the combination of functions and elegance. The MARBEL SHELF BOARD is creative innovation by using vacuum suction cups instead of drilling to fix the shelf board. This product does not only decorate beautifully on the wall, but also shows the design with natural stylish marble pattern and square suction cups to present modern style elements. The Marble Shelf board is simple and graceful that is suitable for integrating into various space design to show the best taste. The product is durable and reusable for home, kitchen, office, hotels, restaurants and others. During the product launch, we show product photos, videos and promote it in department stores, E-commerce, official website and medias. The Marble Shelf board has successfully earned good reputation and widely praised by international customers.


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FERRO-CARBON ENT. CO., LTD., established in 1989 and certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 45001 & SMETA, is a professional manufacturer of tiling tools and suction cup products by devoting ourselves to R&D. Besides 100% waterproof and heat(70°C)/ cold(-10°C) resistance, it also can be used on the rough surface (under 0.4mm).
With the unique core technology of suction cups, we have established brand FECA in 2009 for homeware and offer convenient tool-free hooks and storage. There is no damage to walls and its reusable feature is environment-friendly.
Via ISO, ERP, Supply Chain Management and after-sales service, we provide excellent quality products to fulfill our commitments to customers. Ferro-Carbon have earned various recognitions by the National Industrial Innovation Award, Taiwan Mittelstand Award, Taiwan Excellent Trademark Award, Taiwan Excellence Award, Industrial Relations Award for excellent institutions and Happiness Workplace Award.


FECA design origin comes from discovering and solving the inconvenience in daily life. With the unique core technology of suction cups, FECA stylish suction hooks & storage are tool-free, 100% waterproof, durable and reusable that assist your daily organization to become easy and convenient. Its strong suction power can be attached on non-breathable surface and rough surface (under 0.4mm). There is no damage to the wall and its reusable feature are environment-friendly. FECA stylish suction cup hooks are tool-free and easy to operate. FECA unique and elegant design also win Taiwan Excellence Award and international customers' love. With being the space magic, FECA create the smart storage for you wherever whenever. Enjoy the graceful life with FECA!