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Samurai Knife Sharpener
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:446111
award 3

Samurai Knife Sharpener is the combination with suction cup and knife sharpener. Fixed sharpener and easy operation function make the whole sharpening process more safe and efficiency. By innovation design patent of trajectory, blade is changeable by customers. In this way, product life can be extended to avoid increasing mass wasting.
Adapted with FECA patent suction cup, product’s loading, duration and sucking ability are highly increased. Suction cup’s waterproof, cold and heat resistance (tolerance range from -10℃ to 70℃) and reusable characteristics enhance products’ life and ensure the practicality in variety environment. FECA design concept includes variety creative, surprise, and fashion appearance in order to add more fun in customers’ daily life.
With excellent quality, patent technology, creative design, professional package, marketing strategy and complementary between e-commerce and physical store, FECA has successfully build brand reputation.



Ferro-Carbon group was established in 1989. The business has split into two categories .One is civil construction tools like Tile Cutters and all kind of auxiliary tools and another is suction cup products for houseware. They are all 100% develop and manufacture in Taiwan.
Under the business philosophy of Fine, Honesty, Innovation and Pragmatic by Founder Mr. Chen Lung-Chih, the president of company and the Quality policy- "iSWEET" which are Innovation, Study, Work, Efficiency, Economic and Team to implement the CSR by protective environment. By well execut the ISO, ERP, SCM and After sales service to provide the excellent quality product to fulfill our commitment to every customer.
Ferro-Carbon got the National Industrial Innovation Award、the 4th Taiwan Mittelstand Award、the 20th Rising Star Award、the 2nd Taiwan Excellent Trademark Award、2016 &2018Taiwan Excellence Award、Industrial Relations Award for Excellent Institutions、and Happiness Workplace Award in recent 3 years.


Ferro-carbon company wants to be able to become "the world's first vacuum applications technology leader," but also to "to space design and storage management concepts, shaping a more comfortable life aesthetics" as the corporate mission. The first brand was founded in 1989, and the world's fifth largest tile cutter factory to OEM cooperation; in 1999 set up a second brand TILE CRAFT, adhere to manufacturing in Taiwan, quality assurance, and fifth largest building materials tile cutting tool factory; establishment of a third brand FECA in 2009, emphasis on functional aesthetics, innovation, fashion, home life quality, diversified business to its own brand into boutique department store market currently has 230 global FECA counters. Ferro-carbon business 26 years, had experienced from the industrial transformation from manufacturing to manufacturing services, more from B2B business way past into B2C mode of operation, in fact, a model for Taiwan business transformation success story.