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Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:N-DE244-0
award 3

Safety is always the priority for the person who work in high altitude, Carabiner is one of the most important parts for equipment and the common material is in steel due to the strength. However, it has risk to be zapped for whom work in electricity industrial and cause damages.
N-DE244-0 Dielectric Carabiner is designed to fulfill “Dielectric” and “Strength ”, the cover which is in plastic nylon for whole carabiner can provide the user’s safety at work and it also meets EN 362-2004 required and voltage resistance.
The user would wear heavy harness at work so N-DE244-0 is also considered light weight designed as it’s only 0.163kg. The gate closed warning of N-DE244-0 is covered by insulating double-layer instead of the paint warning often used in the industry, this insulating double-layer technology is not only to extend the lifetime of product but also ensure the gate closed completely before use for user. One more action for warning and to use it correctly make sure your life safely


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YOKE is Taiwan based manufacturer of lifting fittings for chain, wire rope and webbing slings for almost 35 years. Certified by ISO 9001 as well as DNV, API, ABS, SABS and DGUV.
“Safety” has been a key factor to be considered when YOKE engages itself in all operational activities and is also indispensable in communications with all stakeholders. Safe product quality is provided to customers, safe workplace to
employees, safe procurement activities and requirements to suppliers, and safe operational outcome to shareholders. Looking into the future, under the brand name of “YOKE”, the company will continue to secure its presence on the global market for safety protection equipment and to demonstrate the values of “safety” and “sustainability.”


YOKE Industrial Corp. was established as “Zhenfeng Corp.” in 1985, specializing in industrial lifting hooks, personal safety components and other fitting products. The company started as a trading agent and then transformed into designing, engineering and manufacturing to have the best control of its product quality, which in turn had its own brand developed. In 1996, the founder, Steven Hong, commissioned a British trademark design company to create a brand name, and worked out “YOKE” as Zhenfeng’s brand image. The design concept was based on one of the company’s core products. The brand name “YOKE” set up the milestone in the company’s pursuit of “perfect quality” and has earned the trust of customers in their pursuit of safety.