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Concrete Reverse Osmosis Plugging Agent
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:P-800
award 3

P-800 is a water-proofing product, can be used on water leakage, and has impermeability to water and wall mold preventing.
Creatively features:
I. Made with water-based material without solvent and eco-friendly, different from the competitive products which are made
with oil-based
and human hazard materials, e.g. water-proofing PU with solvent, in the market.
II. The molecule of P-800 has highly impermeability to water, can be permeated into concrete-made roof plates with centimeters
by against the
gravity. (Water leakage found on the ceiling of an underground parking lot, construction workers can easily perform P-800 on
the leakage without
huge work by removing the plants and dirt in the courtyard.)
III. P-800 also can be used on: Prevent water leaking rapidly without removing tiles in the bathroom, reduce the ratio of water
soaking into the
construction, restrain the growth of wall mold and it is a no visible film product thus it will not compromise the appearance of
the building.


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Heng Chung Enterprise CO., LTD. (Brand name is PLIMATES) founded in July 1989 as a leading brand in waterproofing and architectural materials. Our factory locates at Benzhou Industrial Park at Gangshan, Kaohsiung with 18,300 ㎡.
Our company is committed to the development of new waterproof materials and our R&D team is well-known in the waterproof industry. We produce competitively priced products with high quality in the market. And we keep innovation on company operation, for example, we are certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001.
We also export our waterproofing products overseas, our main markets are Taiwan, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and other countries.


In 1989, our founder found there were many buildings have water leaking issues due to frequent rains and earthquake in Taiwan, or because of using the inappropriate materials and wrong construction methods.
At the time, our founder had the foresight that water-based, toxic-free, and eco-friendly products will be the new trend in the future, even though the main trend product was oil-based waterproofing material in the market. But the import fee of waterproofing materials from Europe was very expensive and local development was rare. Hence, our founder established Heng Chung Enterprise CO. LTD. and devoted himself to the development of waterproofing. We created PLIMATES as the exclusive brand to achieve three wins among manufacturers, construction workers, and consumers.