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Vitals ESP
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:Vitals ESP 6
Galaxy Software Services Corporation
award 3

Vitals ESP, a cloud-enabled enterprise social platform, is to compile know-how/know-why, manage contents and enable cross-department sharing. Its core elements, content, sociality, and mobility, are for catalyzing innovation by members’ participation, encouraging productive collaboration. The system is supported with the AI assistant and the security that complies the international standards. The well-organized knowledge is for better competitiveness and for companies to keep improving ESG and working toward the ideal of being the best companies for the world.
*Content: Easy for authorized members to access needed information by high performance full-text search, flexible metadata, and knowledge management.
*Sociality: It allows users to tag and provides article recommendations and subscription options to properly connect users with the knowledge and ideas to encourage engagement and creativity.
*Mobility: It helps users to share or access knowledge anytime anywhere via mobile devices.


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Founded in 1987, GSS is a leading SaaS/Cloud Computing service provider in the East Asian region. Through state-of-the-art information technology, sophisticated software engineering and superior framework design, GSS has been developing effective e-process and innovative applications that satisfy the business needs of over 2,000 customers in different industry sectors, including government, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics, hospitals and schools.


Your satisfaction is our responsibility, GSS is a long-term partner worth you trust. Galaxy Software Services Corporation(GSS), one of the leading business application software and consulting service providers in Taiwan, specializes in system integration of business applications, business-specific software development and business process and technical consulting services. GSS was established in 1987 and has been providing guaranteed customer satisfaction and product quality for our clients since then. At GSS, the maturity of our application software engineering equipped with the most up-to-date information technology, systems architecture and our professional management and business innovation has led GSS to becoming one of the leading business application and system consulting service providers in Taiwan.