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Eversorb® AQ Series - Light Stabilizer for Waterborne Coating
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Product model number:Eversorb® AQ1 /AQ2 /AQ3 /AQ4 /AQ5 /AQ6 /AQ7 /AQ8 /AQ9 /AQ10
Everlight Chemical Industrial Corp.
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Eversorb® AQ light stabilizers protects waterborne coatings from yellowing, gloss-loss and discoloration caused by UV light, enhancing the weatherability of resins. Eversorb® AQ is compatible for wide variety of waterborne coatings, including industrial, automotive, wood, plastics and decorative coatings.

Eversorb® AQ has the nearly 90% effective ingredient content; a small amount is sufficient to achieve excellent protection. Moreover, Eversorb® AQ is water-free, preventing freezing in low-temperature environments, eliminating the need for antimicrobial or antifreeze additives, and can be added in any manufacturing stage, improving the efficiency of operation process. Eversorb® AQ also contributes considerably to environmental friendliness. Not only does it contain no solvents or VOCs, but it also extends the service life of waterborne coating products. This reduction in the usage of solvent-based coatings and VOC emissions leads to a significant decrease in environmental impact.


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About Everlight Chemical Industrial Corp.

Everlight Chemical, founded in 1972, is committed to sustainability and has transformed from a traditional dye company into a "high-tech chemical enterprise group" with five major businesses, including color chemical, specialty chemical, toner, electronic chemical and API.

Color Chemical
We offer dyes for natural fibers, synthetic fibers, paper, leather and metal, also providing functional dyes for digital printing and solar cell materials.

Specialty Chemical
We provide weatherability total solutions for polymers, including light stabilizer, antioxidant and polymeric colorant.

Electronic Chemical
We offer a complete range of electronic chemicals, including photoresists, polish slurry and developer.

TTI Toner
We provide compatible toner and toner cartridges, serving renowned brands of laser printers, copiers, and multifunction devices.

We focus on pharmaceutical for prostaglandin, cardiovascular disease, cancer disease and veterinary.


Everlight Chemical was founded in 1972, with the vision of "contributing to mankind". Starting from dyes, with the continuous improvement of technology, it adds colorful colors to all aspects of life. Listed in Taipei Stock Market in 1988, it launched high technology products such as "special chemistry", "electronic chemistry", "medicinal chemistry" and "toner". We focus on quality and implement green chemistry and circular economy. We cooperate strategically with global partners to maximize customer support. Everlight Chemical constantly pursues innovation and progress, and has developed hundreds of patented world-leading technologies. We provide high value-added solutions and products all around the world, together with professional services, customer success is ensured. Chemistry by its miraculous nature, creates infinite possibilities. Everlight Chemical contributes to a better community and sustainable future with our brand commitment "Better Chemistry, Better Life"!