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iNAP Sleep Therapy System
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:iNAP One / Lite
Somnics, Inc.
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The iNAP is designed to provide a comfortable sleep experience for OSA patients. During sleep, the iNAP system creates a gentle vacuum within the oral cavity by stabilizing the tongue, thereby freeing the airway. Unlike traditional CPAP machines, the iNAP system works without a face mask and instead uses a discreet soft oral interface and a pocket sized console. The system provides an intuitive user interface with a built in rechargeable battery and an easy to clean saliva container, making it a perfect travel companion.
For treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, the CPAP machine is the standard treatment. The challenge to CPAP's success in treating sleep apnea has been compliance with treatment. For many OSA patients, CPAP is difficult to tolerate due to uncomfortable mask, forced air and inconvenience of the device. The long term compliance rates for CPAP therapy are as low as 50%. The iNAP is designed to provide OSA patients a treatment which is more comfortable, travel friendly and easier to use and therefore to increase everyday compliance.

iNAP is designed to treat OSA using negative pressure applied in the mouth, as opposed to forced air of CPAP. Through the oral interface worn in patient’s mouth, a quiet pump in the console creates gentle suction in the oral cavity to stabilize the tongue and the soft palate in a forward position, thereby opening up the blocked airway, preventing from sleep apnea.


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About Somnics, Inc.

Somnics, Inc. is a medical device company focusing on developing innovative technologies for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Somnics was founded in 2011 by Dr. Chen, Chung-Chu who himself suffered OSA and understood the deficiencies of positive air treatment solution like CPAP, oral appliances and positional aids. He decided to take matters into his own hands and build a new therapy alternative - a treatment using “intraoral negative air pressure” that treated the problem differently and without a mask, the iNAP® Sleep Therapy technology, which is clinically proven to be a comfortable and discreet way to treat OSA.

Since then, Somnics has been improving the comfort and efficacy of the iNAP® therapy. Now iNAP® has been prescribed in the US, Germany and many South East Asian countries.

Our Mission & Vision

At Somnics, its mission is to provide innovative solutions and build-up a healthcare ecosystem to satisfy the unmet needs of patients and physicians on patient-centered and user-friendly solutions for comfort and restful sleep. With its complete quality management system for iNAP®, Somnics is equipped with core knowledge and experience in developing and manufacturing medical device, been capable of providing visionary solutions in accordance with its clients’ medical device CDMO orders.


Somnics founder Dr. Chung-Chu Chen and his family were diagnosed with OSA several years ago. He underwent all possible treatment options and understood difficulties using CPAP machine. As an engineer and an OSA patient, he saw an opportunity of 26% of adults suffering OSA worldwide. He rethinks what a patient centered treatment device should be: easier to use, more comfortable, more travel friendly and increased everyday compliance.