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Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:SC200/XS110
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The SOLE SC200 Stepper is a high intensity machine that offers a remarkably short-duration workout. A powerful addition to any fitness facility, it features a wide range of programming options in a remarkably small footprint. It also features patented, independent pedal geometry with four-bar linkage that keeps the pedals of the machine level and ensure a safe, biomechanically correct movement while working out. The SOLE SC200 Stepper is ideal for use as part of circuit training programs or on its own. Climbing is a challenge of endurance. And the high-intensity, short-duration workout of a SOLE SC200 Stepper is unbeatable. Featuring a wide range of programming options in a small footprint, the SC200 is a powerful addition to your workout when used both as part of your circuit training programs or alone. Speed control buttons allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of stepping action at any time during your workout. With the SOLE SC200 Stepper space-saving design , you can place it in any room in your home.
The flywheel design is different from conventional products bearing pneumatic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders as dampers; the stepper using pneumatic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders consumes more physical effort to keep the top end from being stepped down to the dead point, which may produce stop points. The stop pints and stepping force do mean more load to the knees of senior users or long-time users. Featuring a flywheel as damper, the patented design is free of those defects and capable of minimizing the load on the knees when stepping. (Note: Dead point refers to the moment when the crank and the lever are in a straight line in the link mechanism and unable to turn the crank.)
Prior to mass production, the product in question had passed all safety tests, such as: 1500-hour non-stop stepping test, static-charge-resistance test, step-plate strength test among others. The casing is available with coated articulations for enhanced safety.

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Ever since the company was established in 1990, Dyaco has gradually expanded its product portfolio. By 2013, Dyaco is not only the parent company of 3 prestige brands; SPIRIT Fitness and XTERRA Fitness, but also the exclusive global distributor of the best-selling brand, SOLE Fitness. With 20+ years of experience in both design and production, Dyaco continues to offer a wide array of premium fitness equipment to meet the needs of different markets worldwide.

Dyaco continues to expand its global presence by establishing more subsidiaries in major countries, such as Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, USA, and Canada. Our products: Treadmill, Elliptical, Exercise Bike, Active wear, Sport Accessories.
Our Brands:Spirit Fitness, SOLE Fitness, XTERRA Fitness, Spirit Medical Systems Group, Fuel, ClubFIT, DYACO.

Dyaco will continuously work hard to help the public recognize the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

http://www.dyaco.com.tw & www.dyaco.com

By 2015, Dyaco is the parent company of following prestige brands; SPIRIT, fuel, XTERRA, SOLE, Spirit Medical Systems Group, CLUBFIT. We built our first Spirit fitness product in 1983, with the simple goal of giving our customers the highest quality equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals. It is that same simple purpose which continues today in designing and developing every piece of equipment that bears the Spirit Fitness name. Over the last thirty years, our focus has always been—and will continue to be—delivering a quality experience with our equipment. Our passion has always been on innovation that improves our customers’ experience. We understand that our products are an investment and we design them to keep pace with your own long-term fitness goals. There are many companies that produce fitness equipment, but few that focus on the details that you will find like the products in Dyaco's brand family.