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Predator 21 X
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:GX21-71
Acer Incorporated
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Predator 21 X is the most ultimate gaming notebook ever in the world. Equipped with the world's first curved screen and Tobii Eye X, it can provide the immersive and intuitive gaming experience to the gamers. 5 fan cooling system works perfectly with dual GTX 1080 graphics, providing the best graphics on the curve screen. Predator 21 X has all the reasons to be excited about!
1. Curved screen: Acer dominated the curved gaming monitor market. Now we want to transplant the top technology to notebooks, making the world's first curved screen notebook possible! The 21" curved scrren has 21:9 ratio. The wide viewing anlge allows gamer to see more that others can't see.
2. Tobii EyeX eye tracking technology: We not only want to provide the immersive gaming experience, we also want the gamers to be intuitive while playing. That's why we work with Tobii to implement the eye tracking technology. Gamers can make moves by their instincts, alway be one step faster than the others.
3. 5 fan cooling: There are 5 fans inside Predator 21 X to cool down the machine even at full speed. 3 of them are Acer's exclusive AeroBlade metal fans. Each blade has only 0.1 mm, enhancing 15% of air flow and extracting all the heat from the inside.
4. Dual GTX 1080 graphics: In order to achieve the best performance, we installed the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 grahpics. Not just one, we connected two cards through NVIDIA SLI. The graphics generated by dual graphics and displayed on a curved screen. That's what gamers dreamed of!
5. Cherry-MX mechanical keyboard: We sported a set of mechanical keyboard with Cherry-MX. The feedback generated by the keyboard is awesome! Also, each keycap can be customized with the color you want.
6. PredatorSense control center: The software allows user the full power to control Predator 21 X.
With all the ultimate features, Predator 21 X is the most ultimate gaming notebook ever in the world, providing the constant thrill to the gamers who own it!


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