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Automatic universal index milling head system module
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:ASDH-AC1
award 3

Five Taiwan patents. The key module of cutting machine and vastly used in the work piece cutting of aerospace and car industry, and mold making area. Quality above the world level.
1. Precise indexing.
Automatic indexing for A and C axis. Specifically produced using high-precision and small-backlash gear, decoder, and optimal software compensation technique to attain an indexing precision of 1 degree for A and C axes.

2. Precise positioning of A and C axes: 3 seconds
Using a Sigma-designed software with friendly HMI and compensation function.

3 High clamping force.
Adopting a big gear disk of 320 mm outer diameter to produce large contact area, and hence creating a large clamping force of 6000Kgf.

4. Linear positioning accuracy for Y and Z axis:0.05mm.
Adopting one rail at the top face and stage-type orthogonal two rails in the front face of the Y axis attaining stable moving, and two rails for both lateral sides of the Z axis attaining gravidity driving.

5. Superior in high speed cutting and heavy cutting: Adopting two-stage star-type gear box and direct-connected spindle, finished with precise assembly to attain a stable high torque of 750 N-m in low speed and a maximal rotational speed of 10000 rpm.

6. Compact ad light
Using the spindle servo-motor to drive the index head, not an individual additional servo-motor. As such, it has the advantage of low weight and compact shape, and low production cost. The dimension of the product is 656 mm long and 494 mm in diameter.

7. High rigid and reliable heavy cutting
Design of short distance between transmission and spindle centerlines. Using precise orthogonal bevel gears to attain stable transmission with a maximal torque of 750N-m and heavy cutting of 600cc/min material remove rate.

8. Automatic head change function
With the control of computer, the index head may be automatically transported into the milling holder or stored in the special designed head storage house.



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