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Heater Fan
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:968SRN / 968SKN / 968SRP / 968SKP
award 3

968SRN has multi-functions like heating, ventilating, and clothes drying in one product for toilet.

- User-Friendly Interface、Multi-functions、Easy to operate
- Heating: Multi-functions of heat can work in coordination with temperature which suitable with changeable weather
- Drying: The functions of ventilation and heat have the excellent effect exhausting the humidity of the bathroom.
- Cooling: The user can enjoy the airstream in the bathroom even without the windows. Also, in the hot weather, they can have the fresh and cool bathroom environment.
- Ventilating: It can exhaust the water vapor, and the smell of mildew, and abnormal taste.
- Heating element: Far infrared carbon fiber heating tube
- Auto-off exhaust valve (option): it can 100% prevent smoke into indoor. Install this valve, when heater fan stop the functions, the valve will be closed, and then it can prevent smoke from the public tube into indoor effectively.
- Motor design: Equipped with two motors (circulation and ventilation)
- Safety: Multiple securities
- Continuous ventilation: 24 hours ventilation for offering the fresh air.
- Cover design: Press type faceplate which is easy to maintenance
- Filter: It cans installation by two directions (from right or left), and not limited by space.
- Controller: RF 2.4GHz MCU liquid crystal controller, which is Single-function Touch and it also has timer and filter cleaning warning.

This model has the RS-485 Modbus communication interface, which can integrate with smart house system and can be controlled easier.



SHENG YUAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was established in 1950, and it has already operated over a half century, and honesty, quality, service and innovation are always our management objectives. Following these objectives, we set up the brand, Alaska, in 1972, and Sheng Yuan has invested for manufacturing, design, producing ventilator fan and art ceiling fan…etc., also our high quality products are selling domestic and overseas with affirmative by widespread. We believe that if a firm would like to operate sustainably, only caused by its products’ brilliant quality and continuous innovation. Thus, we have been invested continually on the most exact R&D equipment and test instruments to cooperate with our total computerized production, also working together with Japan’s technique to raise our R&D capability and the total life quality.


We were established in 1950 and made famous electric fans with HULU Brand. As the exporting blossom in 60s, we had restructured to be SHENG YUAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD, and used Alaska brand and OEM for fitting it. HULU fans were almost lost due to we did not focus on the local market. In 80s, we changed trade modes causing offshoring, and made exhaust fans after undertaking Hitachi OEM orders. The prior chairman Mr. Liu visited the scrivener, Mr. Luo, and found the smell from his kitchen causing it was built on the fire lanes and difficult to do air circulation. Mr. Liu proposed using an exhaust fan, and then the stench was fully removed. Mr. Luo was grateful to solve this problem, and asked why Alaska did not sell it in Taiwan? It was a hard decision for a minor local market, but Mr. Liu stated Alaska must contribute to the society when it has the capability, and decided to cultivate localization firmly. We have striven for improving the indoor air quality with Alaska brand since 1985.