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Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:MT500L
award 1

Wearable Technology Design
Weighing only 20 grams, MT500L allows users to wear the scanner on the back of the finger on either of the hands, increasing user satisfaction while reducing time wasted in picking up a handheld device to scan a barcode. And a split-second tap on the MT500L touch trigger button also enables accurate barcode scanning as well as real-time data transmission to the host device.

Patented Laser+ Technology
The adjustable Class 1 Laser beam from Laser+ technology allows users to regulate brightness of laser beam. It not only reduces eye fatigue and prevents damage to the eyes, but also saves power consumption.

On-Screen Barcode Readability
MT500L Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner is designed to have the capability to read on-screen barcodes, regardless of whether the LCD screen surface is reflective or matte. Mobile point of sale, access control and coupon discount application can be fully accomplished with MT500L’s on-screen barcode readability.

Compatibility with Android and Apple Devices
Due to the fact that many employees already have tablets and smartphones, the great compatibility of MT500L Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner with Android and Apple devices leads to rapid acceptance and training costs reduction.

Immunity to Environmental Interference
MT500L is capable of reading barcodes under a wide range of ambient light condition from complete darkness to direct sunlight (70,000 lux), making it possible to operate in both indoors and outdoors applications.

Reliable Data Security
Wireless BLE 4.0 uses AES 128-bit encryption to protect user’s data and utilizes 24-bit CRC calculation to prevent any interference when data is being transmitted from MT500L to the host device.

Superior Battery Power Management
The battery power management of MT500L Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner delivers the largest number of scans per battery charge (for over 8 hours) to support scan intensive applications for a full shift of use.


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Marson Technology Co., Ltd, established in 1990, is emerging as a barcode-related leading solution provider in Taiwan. Marson has ongoing R&D investments in establishing OEM/ODM competitive advantages. The patented designs enable Marson as a barcode application pioneer with price/performance vantages in the automatic identification industry.
Quality is paramount to one of the key successful factors of Marson’s growing business. Marson, certificated by ISO 9001, continuously devote strict quality control system from IQC, OQC to after service, in order to satisfy the most discerning customers from initial development. The green restrictions and registration of RoHS/WEEE/REACH for IECQ QC 080000 system is expected to be fully supported gradually.


The brand "Marson" is derived from the Chinese words "Mao Sen", meaning a thick woods with abundant resources. Kenneth Liu, a diligent and perseverant Taiwanese, founded Marson Technology by the concept of "Creativity through Technology, Wisdom through Service" in an effort to establish a sustainable business which provides the best products in the industry. Materially, Marson Technology creates MIT products of the highest quality; psychologically, it lives up to the value of "thick woods", cultivates culture identity and passes on the positive altitudes to the next generations.

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