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Automatic People Counting Camera
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:APC
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VIVOTEK’s SC8132 Mobile Stereo Camera equipped with Megapixel resolution and 3D Depth Technology is designed to capture and accurately analyze passenger traffic thus empowering users to improve their operations, marketing and security. With full EN50155 T1 and EN45545 compliance, the camera can withstand shocks, vibration, humidity, dust, and temperature fluctuations to maintain stable video during vehicle movement.

VIVOTEK’s 3D Depth Technology, utilizing two lenses rather than one, produces more accurate analytic data, making it possible to track behavior such as people entering, or moving through an area. The SC8132 is capable of providing accurate analytics on passenger’s behavior even at the busiest or most congested times.

The SC8132 also supports the industry-standard H.264 compression technology, drastically reducing file sizes and conserving network bandwidth. When paired with VAST, the SC8132 allows users to create useful and detailed reports, simply.

- VIVOTEK's 3D Depth Technology
- EN50155 T1 and EN45545 Compliance for Professional Mobile Surveillance
- High Accuracy Rate up to 98%
- Local Storage Data for Counting Report
- Easy Installation and Configuration
- Seamless Counting with VAST CMS

Benefits of Using VIVOTEK’s Stereo Camera:
 -Made in Taiwan
 -Stereo Camera with 3D Depth Technology
 -Up to 98% Counting Accuracy Rate
 -Not Influenced by Shadows, Reflections or Small Objects
 -Bi-Directional Counting on Definable Line
 -Detection of U-turns to Avoid Double Counting
 -Accurate Meta data for Marketing Strategies and Planning in People-Dependent Sectors.
 -Optimized Energy and Environment Management
 -Color Image (Viewing and recording)
 -Megapixel Resolution
 -Multiple Video Streaming
 -Remote Access Tool (Free)
 -Simple Setup and Maintenance
 -Cable Management, Elegant Installation with Unsightly Cables
 -Compatible with Electrical Box


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VIVOTEK Inc. (TAIEX: 3454) was listed on the TWSE in 2011, and we have established offices in the U.S., Netherlands, India, Mexico, and Japan. As one of the world's most trusted IP surveillance solutions provider, we deliver intelligent security, control, and management for a safer society. With more than 20 years at the forefront of the industry, we’ve driven breakthroughs in R&D, and built a solid technological foundation for the industry. Via a global network of countries, we serve system integrators building intelligent solutions for end-users around the world.
Founded in Taiwan in 2000, we are widely recognized for our expansive technical capabilities in imaging and audio, specializing in IP cameras, video management software, and edge based AI video analytics. In 2021, we unveiled new branding in its transformation towards the IoT age, including logo, brand identity, and a new brand ethos under the slogan “We Get The Picture.”


VIVOTEK Inc. (TAIEX: 3454) was founded in Taiwan in 2000. The Company markets VIVOTEK solutions worldwide, and has become a leading brand in the global IP surveillance industry. Its comprehensive solutions include network cameras, video servers, network video recorders, PoE solutions, and video management software. Through the growing proliferation of IoT, VIVOTEK aspires to become the Eye in IoT by drawing on its expansive technological capabilities in image and audio. The Company has established offices and subsidiaries in the United States (California), Europe (Netherlands), India (Delhi), and Latin America (Mexico) in 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, respectively. To create a sound industrial ecosystem, VIVOTEK has expanded strategic alliances with leading international software and hardware partners and works with over 200 authorized distributors across 116 countries. For more information, please visit www.vivotek.com.

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