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Industry 4.0 Controller
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:IFC6900 / 7900
Advantech-LNC Technology Co., Ltd.
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IFC6900 / 7900 industrial 4.0 controller is the most competitive and unique product in the market. Traditionally, it costs FANUC users a lot to do integration because of the restriction by original manufacturer. Now, Advantech-LCN launches IFC6900/7900series, to be the “assisted controller”which means the core processing is still by FANUC and IFC is focused on peripherals integration, connection and control. In addition, by supporting EtherCAT and Cloud platform, FANUC users can build up smart machine and do intelligent manufacturing with the fastest and lowest cost. The essential integrations and functions as:
1. Robot:Control Gantry or Robot by IFC
2 sensors: Connect Sensors to IFC through EtherCAT to monitor the keyparts status.
4 RFID: For User authority, production and forecast management…etc.
5 support 4th axis control and up to 32 axes
6. Strong APPs: built in 30 APPs include: spindle monitoring, e-manual, energy management... etc.,Make FANUC machine smarter with LNC IFC!!


About Advantech-LNC Technology Co., Ltd.

Advantech-LNC is dedicated in machine tool controller developing and manufacturing and is committed to creating high performance and high quality products which can be comparable with the European and Japanese international manufacturers in products and technologies aspects. Based on the expertise and experience in controller fields , our product line keeps expanding and now is able to cover all kinds of equipment required in modern factories, including lathe/ milling and grinding machine controller, injection molding machine controller, various types of industrial robot controller and all kinds of special industrial machine and automation equipment control systems and the secondary developing platform , etc.. LNC products satisfy requirements from various process including metal cutting molding, rubber and plastic injection molding, workpiece finishing, polishing, grinding, and even handling, assembly, positioning, and even multi-workstation control and cloud solution.

Advantech-LNC, founded by Mr. Michael Kuo in 2000 and was named LNC Technology. At that time, it’s very difficult to get into the fields of high-end controller which is a market dominated by Japanese and European brands. Mr. Guo makes up his mind and devotes all effort to develop a series of products which are capable to compete with Japanese and European products. Mr. Kuo believes Taiwan-made controllers deserve to be shown by the world and have the strength to be compared with world-grade brands, therefore, Mr. Kuo named the brand as LNC , Leading Numerical Controller. LNC becomes a new star in machine control industry and the brach in china is established next year. Company keeps growing rapidly and also a well-known brand soon. To achieve the goal of being a world-class brand, Mr. Kuo accepts the invitation to join the world-leading IPC group, Advantech Technology. Keeps working on Taiwan controllers and now is the leading brand controller in Chinese region.