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Direct Drive Servo Press
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:iS1-80 iS1-110 iS1-160 iS1-200 iS1-260/iS2-160 iS2-200 iS2-300 iS2-400 iS2-500
award 3

1.Servo press integrate with core control technology, MIT components and 68 years in press field, in total set the competitive advantage in global forming field.
2.Conventional clutch&brake is replaced with servo motor, removes the energy waste from idle running, and further the energy transformation reduces the power consumption. Servo control system moves toward energy-saving and eco-friendly trend.
3.One machine realizing multiple purposes values purchase investment. Ready built-in intelligent process mode curve, includes standard, drawing, perforation, die preheating, automation blanking, improving product precision and succeed in intelligent forming in the end.
4.In-time intelligent monitoring system facilitates fault detection.
5.Optimum frame design with deflection rate 1/10000, and level up the safety factors on key components.
6.Instinctive initiated operation panel uses plenty of photos for users to navigated easily.



Chin Fong Machine Industrial was established in 1948 and has developed as a leading mechanical press maker in Taiwan. With a strong R&D team, Chin Fong is capable of designing and manufacturing durable, quality presses for worldwide sales. Numerous subsidiaries and agents form our global service net to offer the best service. We aim at being the global leading press manufacturer. We treasure long-term relationships with our partners and customers. Chin Fong offers the best “service” to our respected customers, a commitment to “innovation” and look to creating new value. We work together with our customers to create a win-win situation. We are persistent and working towards being a total solution provider and a global leading manufacturer in the metal forming field.


CHIN FONG MACHINE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founded in 1948. Our products include Open Back, Straight Side, High Speed, Forging and Servo presses. We have been selling in over 40 countries. Our mission is “Manufacture high level press machines, Expand in global market, Provide customer the total solution”. Safety is our top priority, thus any unforeseen events and possibility to the accidents are fully addressed in product design. We are the first press maker in Taiwan who got certified by Council of Labor Affairs, and also pioneering on obtaining CE certificates in many products. Our motto: Cooperation is like the vehicle in society to carry out the business belief by gaining profits. Like a school in society recruiting the intelligent talent, becoming diamond in this field, committing ourselves to the country. We are looking forward to long-term relationship in the supply chain and sustainable business.

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