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Trident X / Trident A Powerful and compact gaming desktop
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:Trident X / Trident A
award 3

A new Trident regrouped. MSI successfully launched the Trident 3 Arctic Trident, which won 2017 IF Innovation awards and 2018 CES Honoree, and Best of Innovation double awards. This year we strengthen and upgrade the Trident to make it more powerful and fit the users' need, we call Trident X / Trident A. It's the first mini PC with the Intel 9th K CPU and NV GTX 11 series standard desktop graphics which has the same performance as a tower PC. We put the glass panel on Trident which is appreciated by users. The MSI Exclusive Silent Storm Cooling thermal design separates the three main components to make the system cool. We put the major components on the two sides that the user only needs to remove 4 screws and pop off the two side panel then can upgrade the components in a ease. We put the PSU into the machine that user doesn't need to carry too much assy going outside. The front LED and CPU RGB Fan can be customized by MSI Mysticlight app to show your personality.


Dedicated to gamer-driven innovation, MSI leverages its remarkable R&D strengths to craft top-notch, well-acclaimed notebook PCs, graphics cards, motherboards, monitors and desktop PCs. Now, MSI GAMING Series receives gamers’ unanimous acclaim and the P Series elaborated for content creators has an excellent reputation for quality and durability. All these distinctive products have made MSI a forerunner in the high-end market. Also adding to the lineup are cloud servers, tailor-made IPCs, intelligent robotic appliances and human-centric vehicle electronics that further demonstrate MSI’s strengths and endeavors in artificial intelligence, commercial and IOT(Internet of Things) markets.


As a world leading gaming brand, MSI is the most trusted name in gaming and eSports. We stand by our principles of breakthroughs in design, the pursuit of excellence, and technological innovation. Integrating gamers' most coveted extreme performance, realistic visuals, authentic sound, precise control and smooth streaming functions into its gaming rigs, MSI frees gamers from tedious trial and error and pushes gaming performance beyond limits. The determination to surpass past achievements has made MSI a ‘True Gaming’ brand with gaming spirit throughout the industry!

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