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Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:428UO-CP / 428EX-CP / 520UO-CP / 520EX-CP / 525EX-CP / 530EX-CP
A Man Power Transmission Co., Ltd.
award 3

We develop the technology of High-Density Plasma Ceramic Coating(HDPCC),on the basis of keeping balance between environment protection and product quality. With brilliant appearance and good metallic luster texture, it satisfies the mechanical functions and appearances at the same time. This technology won the Red Dot Design Award and Taiwan Golden Torch Award in 2018.

AM cool color motorcycle chain has excellent characteristics on anti-scratch, abrasion resistance and corrosion protection. Additionally, it can adjust color to fulfill customer's demands and various applications.

With Brilliant appearance and good metallic luster texture, it not only satisfy the mechanical functions and appearances at the same time, but also it enhances the added value of products.


About A Man Power Transmission Co., Ltd.

Kuei-Meng Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in Tainan, Taiwan 1977, specializing in bicycle chain production. Due to the expansion of business operation, it was divided into two headquarters as KMC and AMC in 2006. AMC is the headquarters for motorcycle and industrial power transmission business. It is not only the center for its global manufacture control, sales and financial operation, but also the R&D center for developing the most high-end premium brand, AM. Based on motorcycle chains and industrial chains, the top management foresees the industry future to extensively develop more related parts like sprocket, gear and coupling. For the vision of “All-round expert for power transmission”, AM dedicates into providing the customers consolidated purchase of various and sophisticated power transmission parts.