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Generation High-Efficient Knife Shank Upsetter Machine
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:DJ-VHD2000
Da Jie Electricity Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Generation Highly-Efficient Knife Shank Upsetter Machine used for top aseptic dining utensils & high-class cooking knives. It combines automation, customization & special features:
1.1 Quality:
Highly-efficient power saving function with excellent appearance quality forging, e.g. applied for making top aseptic dining utensils & high-class cooking knives.
1.2 Customized:
Customized design is for module electrode design; increases production capacity, competitiveness & productivity by 40%.
2. Human Factors Engineering:
2.1 Work-Efficient: no standby time, easy material loading, with automation & high level of production.
2.2 Visual Interface Design: digital work interface and ergonomics; lowers fatigue while raising production.
3. Expert Engineering & Function:
3.1 Save 34% power and is multi-functional.
3.2 Wiring design is dust-proof, reliable & in accordance with CE certification.
3.3 Can work with robots to achieve laborless production.
4. Green design: 75% iron & 20% copper in body; recyclable and meets EU RoHS.


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About Da Jie Electricity Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

1. Company Vision: DA JIE, founded in 1973, selling products as its self-owned brand, has a vision of becoming the “global green, high-efficient and power-saving leading supplier of metal-heating applied equipment”. “DJE” uses strategy to “create the highest value to clients”, sets its core idea as “back pusher of the high quality chassis equalizing bar of automobiles”; products are applied in manufacture the chassis equalizing bar of automobiles for automobile industry.
2. Industry contribution: use intelligent control as core technology; offer clients power-saving welding passes with higher quality; elevate 100% of quality production rate & 54% in power-saving.
3. To fit the modern smart-production trend, we cooperate with clients to research and design intelligent production equipment “New Generation High-Efficient Power-Saving Inverter Heating Machine for Equalizing Bar of Automobiles” as a representative product.


1. Company Establishment and Brand History:
DJE founded in 1973 with the vision to “become Leader of global green and power-saving, high-efficient metal-heating applied equipment” and the strategy to “create highest value for clients”.
2. R&D History and millstone:
2000: Supply welding machine to five top vehicle companies.
2005: Products sold to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.
2007: Redesigned brand logo for globalization.
2009: Cooperate with OTC (Japan), robot-arm function combination; HONDA (Japan) qualified vendor.
2012: Vehicle springs fast-heating line with robot arms for S. Korean vehicles.
2013: OEM for NASTOA (Japan).
2014: Next-generation welder-controller system.
2015: Auto forging machines and wheel-welding machines; turnkey output and upgrading (integrated with controller system technology upgraded made in 2014).
2016: Water tank factory turnkey output to Asian market. Develop Innovative High-efficient 3 Phase Inverter Seam Welder for Water Tank.