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Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with flange
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:04CL10_M12xP1.5 / 04CL10_M14xP1.5
Jing Fong industry Co ., Ltd.
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These nuts are a customized metal fastener used for car suspension systems designed and manufactured by Daimler AG. The nut’s properties resist loosening under vibrations and high torque. In order to prevent the loosening of the fastener, we adopt tapping-difference design to make closer contact between the nuts and bolt. Our special thread forming design decreases thread damage and increases the capability of loosening resistance. Embedded nylon washers prevent damage to other mechanical equipment joints and lower maintenance costs. The nut is made of medium carbon steel SAE10B21, which can achieve the requirements of high rigidity and maximum toughness after heat treatment. The nylon washer adopts TW341 with high heat and cold tolerance that leads to outstanding performance even in harsh environments. This series of nuts are designated for vehicle manufacture by Mercedes-Benz, including the A/B/C/E/S models, and absolutely representative of the delicate craftsmanship needed in the metal fastener industry.


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About Jing Fong industry Co ., Ltd.

Jing-Fong, a lock nuts specialist, was founded in 1980. Today, Jing-Fong is actively supplying various nuts to the customers in Asia, Europe, North and South America. The total sales can be organized into two major product categories serving a broad spectrum of markets:
‧Engineered Standard Fasteners/Fittings/Formed parts
‧OEM Fasteners
Currently, the business profile of this group includes the following:
‧Jing-Fong Industry CO., LTD. (Taiwan)
‧ThaiLock Fasteners CO., LTD. (Thailand)
‧ThaiMax Plastics CO., LTD. (Thailand)
Jing-Fong has maintained leadership in the market of fastener due to its customer focus, a philosophy driven by customer's every need about quality, cost, and reliability. Through technology innovation, total quality management, and entrepreneurship, Jing-Fong has been given a classified index noting of A+ by the TIFI, and the A+ factory in quality control by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of R.O.C. since 1993.


Jing-Fong is the ancestor of lock nuts production in Taiwan since 1950. The initial products are engineered standard fasteners for various industries. Facing the competitions from China, we realized that products need to be upgraded with the positions of high skill, high added value and high quality to avoid price competition from red supply chain. In 2000, Jing-Fong established the first overseas manufacturing plant in Thailand to implement the strategies of global localization production and International Division of Labor. Through strategic alliance with Germany auto companies, we successfully introduced lock nuts to the supply chain of new car assembly as Tier-1 supplier, including Mercedes Benz, BMW and other global auto manufacturers. The overall margin profit also showed a leap-forward growth. At present, Jing-Fong is the largest supplier of lock nuts in Daimler AG's global assembly plant, and the main supplier of key fasteners for various ZF SACHS vehicle shock absorbers.

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