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hollow shaft PM (Permanent-Magnet) servo motor with the guide screw.
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:中空一體式馬達螺桿組
award 3

Nowadays, auto equipment tends to be miniaturized, convenient, high speed, and modular, but the means of transmission and the components all differ in combined production processes and designs. The hollow motor screw set can overcome these issues.
The hollow motor screw set can be used with the screw diameter of 8-20mm. TBI Motion, has long-term experience with ball screws and the research of Gothic arch, so we are able to increase the performance to 30% higher than the average and save more than 50% space in the same design. One-piece design reduces the number of parts required for machining, saves material, increases efficiency, and reduces carbon emissions. Downsizing also reduces the required space and the frame material. The materials are RoHS certified to ensure that they contain no hazardous substances.
1. High torque. 2. Direct loading control. 3. Space saving. 4. Low maintenance cost 5. High efficiency 6. Multi-loading points 7. Reduces screw deflection, which overcomes machine design problems.



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