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Miniature ball screw for Electric gripper
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:XCKX00402
award 3

Ball screw has been already applied in kinds of position and measurement machines at precise technology and precise machine industries. And the electric grippers have already become big roles in the process of precise machines.
The following are main demands for miniature ball screw for the electric gripper.
1. High accuracy: With 3D bridge design, XCKX0402 can get outstanding operation. With the special engineering materials, the circulation system can absorb the noise during the operation. With unique circulation design, it can get higher rigidity and better control on thermal deformation. With these characteristics, XCKX0402 can get stable performance and accuracy in rotating.
2. Longer travel distance and wider range: With XCKX0402, the electric gripper can reach better speed and distance in low RPM. Because of the unique modeling, It can reduce the space to increase the flexibility for machines.
Regarding the above demands, this is why XCKX0402 exists.



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